How To Choose The Type of Humidifiers for Your Cigar: Electronic, Gel, Etc

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There is no other method to preserve cigars successfully in your home except in a humidor unless your house or automobile maintains a consistent temperature over 70 degrees Fahrenheit and a steady humidity above 65 percent.

However, too much humidity and mold will grow. Various types of humidifiers are available to keep a humidor at constant humidity.


They vary in ease of use, reliability or accuracy, and price. Most can add humidity to a dry humidor but aren’t dehumidifiers. They can’t reduce humidity in humidors that are in a humid climate. However, a few can.

While I have an article listing the best humidifiers for your humidor, this article also talks about their advantages. If you prefer to know which humidifiers are the best, you can go to that article out

Why Is It Necessary to Keep Cigars in a Humidor?

Tobacco for cigars is cultivated and rolled in areas like Cuba and the Dominican Republic, where the temperature and humidity vary significantly from places like the United Kingdom. A humidor is required to retain cigars at the ideal humidity level for smoking.

If a cigar is kept in a humid environment, it will grow soggy. This detrimental effect will make it difficult to pull smoke through the cigar and may affect the burn, generating a tunneling effect and excess smoke.

Conversely, a cigar will lose its flavorful oils and have burn difficulties, causing it to smoke too quickly and hotly if it is kept in excessively dry circumstances.

What Exactly Is Cigar Humidification?

Humidifying your humidor and cigar collection is a critical component of the jigsaw that you must not overlook. Keeping your cigars at the right humidity level helps them to mature and improve in flavor.

Cigars, like wine, improve with age — but only if the appropriate circumstances are met. Some Cuban cigar connoisseurs like to let their cigars mature for at least 3-5 years before enjoying them!

A hygrometer is a gadget that allows you to keep a close eye on the humidity of your cigars while they are being kept. If you haven’t already read our comprehensive guide on hygrometers, we strongly advise you to do so before continuing.

A hygrometer allows you to track whether your humification process is operating properly and maintaining the appropriate humidity.

According to our advice, cigar collectors typically aim for 70 percent humidity and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. However, other collectors prefer to go a little lower, aiming for 65 percent, particularly with Cuban cigars.

What is the Ideal Humidity?

Some cigar fans believe the humidity level should be kept as low as 62 percent, while others believe a humidity level of 72 to 74 percent is ideal. This varies depending on your humidor, the number of cigars you’re storing, and even the type of cigars.

It is best to keep your humidor’s humidity level between 62 to 74 percent humidity at a maximum temperature of 74 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re unsure how to keep the temperature stable, I recommend purchasing a digital thermometer and hygrometer to adjust the temperature and humidity level within the humidor.

However, even the greatest cigar humidors might suffer from humidity levels from time to time.

Cigars should be kept in an atmosphere similar to that of tobacco cultivation. The humidifier is the ideal option. These specialized boxes are intended to retain your cigars at the ideal temperature and humidity level. They must be fitted with a gadget; otherwise, they are plain wooden boxes.

However, difficulties might develop even if you know how to store cigars correctly. Several elements might influence the humidity in a humidor, including the degree of humidity in your home.

What Happens If My Humidor Has Excessive Humidity?

A humidity level of 70 – 75 percent and a temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit or above might lead to major mold problems. Collectors frequently believe it is merely a cigar plume that has honored them with its presence.

However, you have a humidity problem in these conditions. Check out these images of cigar mold vs. cigar plume to see if you have any cigar mold in your collection.

What Happens If My Humidor Has Low Humidity?

You risk drying out the tobacco if you store cigars in a humidor with humidity lower than 62 percent. As a result, the cigar will taste harsh and may burn excessively hot. I can’t even begin to express how terrible a dried-out cigar tastes. You may be smoking rolled-up cardboard.

If your cigar wrappers appear peeling off or flaky, and the cigars appear brittle, your cigar humidity may be too low. (As shown in the image above)

What Causes a Humidor to Lose Humidity?

Your humidor will be empty when you initially set it up. When you add cigars, they instantly begin to take moisture from the box’s environment.

The humidity will gradually decrease. The solution is to refresh – as indicated above – a few days after adding the cigars or to add them a couple at a time rather than a dozen all at once. You will also lose humidity if you leave the lid open for too long, so close it promptly.

Choosing the Right Cigar Humidification System

Distilled Water and Sponge Humidifiers

These are the simplest humidifiers, often built into small travel humidors. A sponge or other absorbent material is dampened with distilled water.


  • Cheap.
  • Small and discreet, often built into the humidor cover or case.


  • No real humidity control. The level of humidity depends on the amount of water used. Some trial and error are required.
  • Requires constant refilling.
  • Requires constant monitoring with a hygrometer.
Cigar Humidifier - Anync Black Round Cigar humidifier humidor Cigar humidifier
  • ★【SIZE】 - 2.2inches/57mm(Diameter), 0.57inches/14.5mm (Height).
  • ★【MATERIAL】- Fine selection of Upgraded ABS.
  • ★【FUNCTION】- Prevent tobacco from drying and suitable for all kinds of cut tobacco.

Propylene Glycol Solution

A mixture of propylene glycol and water can be used instead of distilled water. This allows more automatic control of the humidity level.


  • Relatively cheap.
  • The humidity level can be controlled by changing the proportion of water mixed. Madelaine sells bottled propylene glycol and water premixed in a 50/50 proportion. They claim this will maintain humidity levels at 70% to 75%.
Cigar Humidor Solution (1 Pack) 16oz Propylene Glycol Solution (PG Solution) For Humidifiers. Humidor Accessories and Supplies By Essential Values…
  • Keep Your Collection Fresher, Longer: Use our 1-Pack Essential Values humidor solution in your personal box, cabinet humidor, travel humidor, or humidifier of your choice. Our high-quality propylene glycol for humidors maintains 70% RH (relative humidity), keeping your humidor from molding or drying out
  • Propylene Glycol for Cigar Humidifiers: Every collector knows the proof is in the taste. Our humidor liquid will ensure that your collection stays in good shape with minimal maintenance & no scale buildup, no dust or debris, no bitterness from over-humidification, no loss of flavor due to dryness. When you use our humidifier solution, your choice collection will always taste their best.
  • Convenient & Versatile: Protect your collection without the hassle of mixing unknown solvents or distilling water. Unlike humidity control packs and powdered rescue remedies, our Propylene Glycol humidor solution is premixed and non-toxic. Plus, our cigar moisturizer solution comes with a flip-top bottle that makes it easy to use and works with all humidifiers.

Gel Humidifiers

Gels are like propylene glycol but easier to handle because it is premixed and isn’t liquid, so it doesn’t spill. They come in a small jar, and the opened jar is placed in the humidor. Brands include Humi-care and Ci-Gel.


  • Easy to use.
  • Usually refillable a few times with distilled water.
  • No problems with the spilled water.
Joe Cool Cigar Crystal Gel Humidifier for Cigar Humidors - 4oz Jar
  • Maintains Humidity to 70% RH
  • Lasts up to 90 Days before Refill
  • 4oz Jar Will Humidify up to 100 Cigars
Joe Cool Cigar Crystal Gel Humidifier Tube for Cigar Humidors - 2 Pack
  • Maintains 70% RH
  • Lasts up to 90 Days before Refill
  • One Tube will Humidify up to 25 Cigars

Disposable Humidifier Packs

These are prepackaged gel or other materials. They cost more but are easier to use. Some come in cigar-sized tubes that can fit into any humidor, including small travel caddies. Examples are Boveda (65%, 69%, or 72% humidity), Humid-EZE, and HumidiTube. Boveda claims that its packets are both humidifiers and dehumidifiers, able to bring down moisture levels that are too high.


  • Most are not damp and can be stored with the cigars touching them.
  • Easy to use.
  • No problems with the spilled water.
Boveda 72% Two-Way Humidity Control Packs For Storing Up to 25 items – Single – For Wood Containers – Moisture Absorber – Humidifier Pack – Individually Wrapped Hydration Packet
  • WHY THIS BOVEDA: 72% RH is for premiums in humidifier boxes made from porous materials, like wood or leather. This slightly higher RH is good if you live in low humidity or high altitudes. Use one 5.25"x3.5" humidifier packet for every 25 TOTAL items your humidifier box can hold. NATURAL INGREDIENTS. Trusted by over 3 million people to protect & maintain items at the perfect humidity level. WE GUARANTEE QUALITY! If you’re not 100% satisfied, reach out for a full refund for up to 1 year.
  • HOW BOVEDA WORKS: Boveda 72% RH keeps items fresh by stabilizing the humidity inside a humidifier box. If the air inside your container is too moist, Boveda absorbs that moisture. If it's too dry, Boveda releases moisture into your container to bring what’s inside back to life. ADD A BOVEDA PACK RIGHT AWAY TO A HUMIDIFIER BOX WITH NEW PREMIUMS. You can also use Boveda 72 to restore overly dry items to their original flavorful, aromatic state—the way the master blenders intended.
  • CHOOSE BOVEDA: Boveda's the only patented 2-way humidity control solution with 25 years of experience. Using saltwater in our humidity packs, we provide the fastest, most precise humidity control in the market. Boveda is the only humidity solution that can do so within 24-48 hours.

Bead or Crystal Humidifiers

Distilled water is sprayed onto the beads or crystals (the crystals soften and become gels). The beads or crystals are then placed in the humidor, usually in a small plastic container filled with holes. Heartfelt’s Humidity Beads come in 60%, 65%, and 70% humidity selections. They are stored in a flat disc case. DryMistat sells its crystals in a cigar-shaped tube, while Xikar sells its crystals in a small jar (like gel humidifiers).


  • Some manufacturers claim that they can both humidify dry air and dehumidify the air that is too moist.
  • Most are not damp and can be stored with the cigars touching them.
  • It can be refilled many times.
  • No problems with the spilled water.
Fortune Nexus Crystal Humidifier for Cigar Humidors, Expand Crystal to Provide Perfect Humidity (Rectangle)
  • Made with Fine selection of PVC material and built in crystal gel with stainless steel mesh for Superior Performance
  • Effectively Humidifier Medium to Large Humidor Boxes from 25-200 Cigars
  • Easy Installation, 3M Magic Patch and Magnetic are included, can be attached to the humidor. Humidifier can be easily remove from humidor.

Electronic Humidor Humidifiers

Electronic humidifiers are the most expensive, with some costing over $100. They run off mains AC electricity. The Hydra and Cigar Oasis humidifiers have a thin ribbon power cord designed to squeeze between the cover and body of the humidor.

They have an electric fan, an electronic humidistat to control the fan automatically, and a refillable tank of distilled water. The Cigar Oasis humidifiers can also run off AA batteries.


  • Suitable for large humidors. Some are designed to humidify as many as 1,000 cigars.
  • Different humidity levels can be set.
Cigar Oasis Excel 3.0 Electronic Humidifier for Humidor - LCD Humidity And Temperature Display - Efficient Sensor Controlled Fan - Soft-Touch Button - 100-300 Cigar Capacity
  • VERSATILE HUMIDOR COMPATIBILITY: Works seamlessly with classic wooden desktop, foot locker, Cigar Cooler, 'Coolidor,' or 'Wineador' humidors, ensuring your cigars are perfectly maintained in 1-4 cubic feet (75-300 cigar count) of storage
  • EFFORTLESS ELECTRONIC OPERATION: Our electric humidifier for humidor is powered by a convenient ribbon cable, connecting effortlessly to a standard USB AC power adapter. Enjoy the convenience and say goodbye to the hassle of drilling or the need for batteries
  • INTUITIVE CONTROLS AND MONITORING: The 3.0 model boasts Soft-Touch buttons and a back-lit LCD for easy monitoring of humidity, temperature, set points, and low water alerts, all visible from a distance ensuring your cigars are always in the ideal condition

Humidor Seasoning

A new humidor must be slowly dampened over a few days or weeks before a regular humidifier is placed inside.

For convenience, Boveda sells “One Step Seasoning” packets.

Hygrometer Calibration

It’s important to check that the humidifier sets the correct humidity level. An accurate hygrometer is necessary. Hygrometers are notoriously inaccurate. Both analog and digital hygrometers need to be periodically calibrated.

It’s a good idea always to use at least two calibrated hygrometers if one misbehaves.

Check out my article if you want to buy the best hygrometer for your humidor.

The Best Cigar Humidifier

Different people report different experiences with the same type of humidifier. This could be due to differences in climate, usage (how often the humidor is opened), humidor absorbency, or the number of cigars in the humidor. Reading a few humidor humidifier user reviews is the best to learn from other people’s experiences.

One of the prepackaged disposable humidifiers is probably the best way to get started. They offer a good balance of low cost and ease of use. For long-term use, it’s worth experimenting with a reusable solution. Getting the right humidor is also important.

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