10 Best Cigar Humidors Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide

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If you love smoking cigars on occasion, you should think about how to properly store them for long-term usage.

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  • Buyer’s Guide for Cigar Humidors
  • What exactly is a humidor?
  • What Materials are Cigar Humidors Made of?
  • Cigar Humidor Varieties
  • Features of a Cigar Humidor
  • FAQs

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    Cigars decay fast if not properly preserved, and in today’s complete guide to the finest cigar humidors, we’ll provide you the tools you need to accomplish just that.

    Humidors, fortunately, are basic devices that serve an important purpose. The appropriate humidor allows you to preserve your stogies at relative humidity levels between 64F and 75F, which are commonly accepted as the ideal RH values for cigar preservation.

    Case Elegance Glass Top Handcrafted Cedar Humidor – Best Overall

    The Glass Top Handcrafted Cedar Humidor from Case Elegance is one of the year’s best-rated and best-selling humidors.

    The firm has been making waves in the cigar industry for a few years now, but their newest model has undoubtedly taken the market by storm. It is a small to medium-sized humidor composed of genuine Cedarwood with glass for the top.

    Because glass does not insulate as well as wood, glass-topped humidors typically have a more difficult time controlling their internal temperature.

    Nonetheless, this magnetically-sealed model performs admirably. You may use the front digital hygrometer and thermometer to monitor its internal humidity and temperature conditions. It displays the relative humidity (RH) and the temperature (in Fahrenheit) with smaller numbers next to it.

    This humidor, unlike other compact desktop humidors, has a digital hygrometer. This allows you to accurately monitor the humidity levels, ensuring that they remain near to the ideal 70F for cigar preservation.

    The cedar lining utilized within the humidor benefits from its moisture-retaining characteristics.

    Maintaining humidity levels has been made quite simple. There are several hydro sticks included here that you cover with a mix of distilled water and propylene glycol to keep levels where they should be.

    The accessories compartment is another wonderful feature here. Despite taking up internal space and capacity, it allows you to keep your cigar cutter, lighter, and other accessories.

    You may even spend a little more to have your humidor monogrammed if you want it to be more personalized. That only goes to demonstrate how much effort the firm puts into making their product seem unique.


    • Durable construction
    • Genuine cedarwood
    • You can see your cigars via the glass top.
    • Digital thermometer and hygrometer
    • Tray for accessories
    • It includes a humidor solution.
    • Top is magnetically closed.


    • The accessories are not included.
    • A little pricey
    • It is not possible to keep a large number of cigars.

    Mantello Royal Glass-Top Cigar Humidor – Best Value

    Mantello offers a delicate and handmade box ideal for preserving the freshness of your favorite cigars for a longer period of time.

    The humidor is made in rosewood and would look great on any desk or cupboard where you want to keep your cigar collection close at hand.

    The cedar lining that comes with all of the greatest cigar humidors is included within the package. This wood’s qualities make it suitable for emitting a distinct perfume while also repelling insects.

    The securely enclosed storage environment prevents any air or light from entering and deteriorating your stogies. Look through the viewing glass and use the onboard hygrometer to monitor the humidity levels at any time.

    Gold-plated hinges stand out against the expanse of wood. Given the low price of this humidor, the overall build quality is rather amazing.

    Capacity is adequate, with space inside this humidor for 25 to 50 cigars. This will be determined by the size of the sticks you select.

    With the exception of a few customers who complain about discrepancies in relative humidity levels, the majority of user feedback is excellent.

    Overall, this Mantello humidor is a fantastic buy for anybody searching for low-cost choices that don’t skimp on quality. It doesn’t come with a lot of extras, nor does it have a humidifying solution, but it’s a lot of practicality for a smaller and less expensive humidor.


    • A fantastic price-to-value ratio
    • Rosewood wood finish
    • Felt base
    • Hinges for a piano
    • A cedar divider is included.
    • Top made of tempered glass


    • The analog hygrometer is not particularly accurate.
    • It does not have a high storage capacity.
    • There is no magnetic seal.

    Prestige Import Group Milano Countertop Display Cigar Humidor is the best cabinet.

    Design is usually one of the most essential aspects of cigar humidors. Because these boxes spend the most of their time on a desk where everyone can see them, they must be distinctive.

    This is precisely what the Prestige Import Group Milano Countertop Cigar Humidor does. It is one of the few cabinet-styled humidors on the market with four distinct glass sides and an analog hygrometer built into the front door.

    This humidor’s four glass panels are coated with Spanish Cedar for further protection and a more premium appearance. The entrance door features a one-of-a-kind golden handle that makes it easy to open and close the glass door. There’s also a lock on the side to keep whatever’s inside safe.

    The inside has a storage capacity of around 100-125 cigars. The cigars are separated into three cedar trays that are oriented to the front of the humidor to provide a better view of what’s within.

    Each tray also has its own separator, allowing you to properly keep various cigars without mingling their aromas. Finally, this humidor cabinet has two huge humidifiers.

    They may be placed in the bottom and will endure for a long time before needing to be replaced.

    Before you begin keeping cigars, make sure to re-calibrate your analog hygrometer, since it can be a bit incorrect.

    One area where this humidor falls short is in its ability to seal. The front door is magnetic and locked, however it is still rather large and performs poorer than other chest-styled humidors on the market. As a result, it is a less-than-ideal alternative for consumers searching for long-term cigar preservation.

    Rather, it is a countertop type designed for cigar enthusiasts who enjoy viewing and exhibiting their cigars. Nonetheless, even if you only consider it a medium-sized humidor with a respectable capacity, despite its flaws, it represents an excellent bargain.


    • Stunning design
    • View from a 360-degree glass enclosure
    • Storage trays that are angled
    • Lining in Spanish Cedar
    • Front door with a lock
    • Magnetic closure
    • It includes divers and humidifiers.


    • The hygrometer isn’t particularly precise.
    • The hygrometer must be calibrated.
    • It does not provide adequate insulation against heat and moisture.

    Whynter Cigar Cooler (250 Cigars) Best cooler

    Whether you have a huge cigar collection at home or require storage for a business location, this vast humidor from industry heavyweight Whynter is a fantastic option.

    Whynter manufactures high-quality home electronics and appliances, and they’ve used that expertise to the Whynter Cigar Cooler & Humidor with great success. 

    This stainless steel cabinet-style humidor is ideal for any wet bar or gaming room, and it has the aesthetic and utility that a dedicated cigar smoker need and desires. The free-standing item fits easily on or beneath the counter and includes a built-in digital gauge to display the temperature inside.

    This cooler is offered in two sizes. This is the smallest of the two, with a capacity of 1.2 cubic feet and enough enough to hold up to 250 cigars, depending on ring gauge.

    A thermostat is built in, allowing you to adjust the temperature between 50F and 66F. We’d like a few degrees higher, but you’ll be able to maintain a stable and constant storage climate for your stogies here.

    There is no noise or vibration from the dependable thermoelectric cooling to bother you.

    The cooler contains the moisture-retaining cedar used in all of the top cigar humidors. With a humidity tray and hygrometer inside, you’ll be able to control the humidity levels as well as the temperature. Both are essential for preserving cigars at their finest.

    Apart from the fact that it takes up a lot of room, there isn’t much to say against this humidor. In exchange, you receive the ability to store a huge number of cigars while keeping them fresher for longer. Whynter can be trusted.


    • Cavernous storage capacity
    • a wide temperature range
    • Humidity tray and hygrometer
    • Reasonably affordable and well-made
    • Built-in thermoelectric cooling and humidifier to monitor humidity levels
    • Shelf and tray made of cedar


    • Heavy and bulky
    • Analog hygrometer appears to be low-cost.
    • There is no lock and key.

    Scotte Cigar Humidor in Acrylic – Best acrylic humidor

    The Scotte Acrylic cigar humidor is extremely user-friendly. The scotte acrylic humidor is suitable for you if your budget isn’t big enough. It has a reasonable price. The acrylic humidor by Scotte comes with a hydrometer, which is an added bonus when the price is included.

    The hydrometer, which is located at the top of the humidor, may be set to any value you like. This value would, of course, be affected by your surroundings, as most seasoned cigar smokers would suggest. If you want the humidor to be at its best, leave the Hydrometer at its default setting.

    It also features a humidifier, which helps to keep the humidor wet, and it can hold up to twenty cigars at once.


    • It is inexpensive to buy.
    • It is transportable.
    • The manufacturer provides a refund service.
    • It is made of high-quality acrylic.
    • The humidity level is plainly visible from the humidor’s top.
    • It provides good value for money.


    • You’d have to keep it away from direct sunlight.

    Prestige Import Group Landmark Chest Style Cigar Humidor – Best Large

    There aren’t many huge cigar humidors on the market that provide decent value. They are nearly usually prohibitively pricey and just not worth the expenditure when compared to purchasing two medium-sized ones.

    The Prestige Import Group Landmark Large Cigar Humidor, on the other hand, has everything you might want in a larger humidor and then some. It is a well-made chest-styled humidor with a truly practical and sophisticated design and a plethora of helpful functions.

    One of the key advantages of the Prestige Import Group Humidor is its ability to keep a large number of cigars. And by “a lot,” I mean up to 300 people. There are six little drawers for personal storage, as well as a main section with a lock and a detachable tray. This tray features three interior dividers, providing even more storage choices.

    These detachable dividers also allow you to store cigars with varying flavors and characteristics, however I recommend putting various cigars in their own unique trays.

    The lid has two tiny rectangle humidors that work well, but the hygrometer, like any other analog model, isn’t the most accurate. Still, for the money, there aren’t many huge humidors that can compete with the Prestige Import’s capacity and price-to-value ratio.


    • Exceptionally huge capacity
    • It can hold up to 300 cigars.
    • Design that is unique
    • There are three dividers in the top drawer.
    • There are two built-in humidifiers.
    • 6 distinct compartments for various cigar varieties
    • Finished in cherry


    • To examine the RH levels, you must first open the humidor.
    • Drawers might be difficult to open at times.
    • The build quality isn’t amazing.

    Case Elegance Octodor Cigar Humidor is the best medium-sized humidor.

    Case Elegance’s Black Cedar Humidor is distinguished by its patent-pending hydro system. The hydro system may appear sophisticated, but the technology is actually quite simple: simply connect the various types of storage trays and season them using humidor gels and solutions. This will aid in the preservation of the cigars within.

    The Case Elegance Octodor Large Cedar Cigar Humidor is similar to the Case Elegance Glass-top humidor but has twice the capacity. It has a design that is quite similar to previous Case Elegance humidors, but with a few major modifications.

    The majority of cigar humidor boxes we encounter have a traditional wood appearance. Case Elegance, on the other hand, is unique in that it features a sleek black piano finish. When light touches its surface, diamond glows brilliantly. You might select this as a present for a fellow cigar fan because of its stunning appearance.

    It features a glass cover on top that is pretty easy to open and close. It is supported at the rear by bespoke space grey hardware. Two extra space grey handles are placed into both sides of the humidor, making it simpler to move about. The characteristic accessory tray found on Case Elegance humidors may be found at the bottom front area of the humidor. It shuts firmly due to magnets implanted on both sides.

    Depending on the ring gauge of the cigar, the Octodor may contain up to 100 of them. A detachable storage tray rests on top of the recessed hydro system. The storage tray also contains a partition that can be changed or removed entirely.

    Below the storage tray is a plastic hydro Tray where the humidifying solution is kept. The relative humidity within the humidor is measured by a digital hygrometer, which is always visible at the front of the humidor, immediately above the accessory drawer.

    And, despite the fact that this model has a lot of unique and functional features, the price is fairly high. That’s why I couldn’t put it higher on my list, and it doesn’t offer the best value. If you’re not on a tight budget and want a true medium-sized humidor, this should be at the top of your list!


    • One-of-a-kind piano black walnut finish
    • Large storage capacity
    • Drawer for accessories
    • Digital thermometer and hygrometer
    • Tray with removable storage
    • Interior made with cedar
    • Top made of glass


    • Very Expensive
    • In the long run, it is difficult to keep humidity above 65 percent.
    • The thermometer may occasionally be inaccurate.

    Orleans Group Bally Glass Top Cigar Humidor 100 Count – Best for beginners

    If you like a wooden-looking product with the look and feel of a classic humidor, the Bally 100 Count is the one to choose.

    The Bally, at the lower end of our pricing range, can carry 100 cigars and has a Spanish cedar lining to keep your cigars tasting fantastic. The brass hygrometer, as well as the lock and key closing, make an eye-catching centerpiece on any shelf. Cigar enthusiasts would be pleased to display this humidor on their mantle.

    The humidor is just 10′′ x 13 3/4′′ in size, but the extra movable divider provides for a lot of storage in a little, well-designed box.

    Because of the glass top, you can find just what you’re searching for without having to open the entire item. The humidifier is provided, and reviews say the setup instructions are simple and easy to follow.


    • Cherry finish with a cedar lining
    • Viewing your collection via a glass top
    • 100 cigars can be accommodated.


    • The hygrometer is a little underwhelming.
    • Break-in and manual humidity control

    Deauville 100 Cigar Humidor Best Premium – by Quality Importers

    The Quality Importers Deauville Cigar Humidor is a well-made and reasonably priced model with a distinct appearance that sets it apart from the competitors. Another thing it’s great for is long-term preservation of a large number of cigars.

    Apart from having a storage capacity of up to 150 cigars (depending on the ring gauge), it also employs the brand’s SureSeal technology, which employs a combination of characteristics to firmly lock the top and prevent any moisture from entering or leaving. Because of the kiln-dried Spanish Cedar, you also get a steady interior temperature with few changes that may harm the cigars.

    This humidor’s interior is separated into two sections. The top section has a drawer and is detachable. Both the drawer and the box’s bottom include center dividers that allow you to further personalize how you organize your cigars inside. A built-in humidifier and a brass-framed analog hygrometer are located on the inside of the lid.

    While this keeps the humidor’s exterior clean, I always prefer having the hygrometer on the inside so that I don’t have to open the entire box to monitor the RH levels. Nonetheless, this spotless exterior is one of the best in the business.

    The cherry finish, along with the tobacco leaf inlay on the lid, makes this humidor stand out in a sea of similar-looking humidors. Overall, this is one of the more affordable medium-sized versions, and because of its usefulness, I have no hesitation in suggesting it to anyone looking for something a little larger.


    • Excellent value for money.
    • High-quality design
    • Construction that is long-lasting
    • It can hold up to 150 cigars.
    • Dividers on the inside
    • The SureSeal lid technology


    • To examine the RH levels, you must open the humidor.
    • Due to faulty magnets, the humidifier frequently falls off.
    • The hygrometer isn’t particularly precise.

    Mantello Magnetic Cigar Humidor – Best Value

    The Mantello Magnetic Cigar Humidor is the last but certainly not least humidor on this list. It is presently one of the most affordable humidors available, with enough room for up to 25 cigars. While the design is simple, everything is well-made and fits together beautifully.

    There are no knobs, handles, or hygrometers on the outside, which has a clean cherry finish. In actuality, the hygrometer is kept within the lid, adjacent to the humidifier. This means you’ll have to open the box to view the humidity levels, but this isn’t a major deal because other inexpensive versions have similar designs.

    The magnets in the top lid help it to shut tightly. As a result, the humidor’s humidity tends to remain rather consistent over the course of many weeks. The piano-style hinges that keep the lid in place are well-designed and gold-plated to complement the cherry finish.

    Overall, if you’re looking for something to store your newest cigars in your living room or workplace, this is a good value for money and has all of the necessary materials to keep your smokes fresh.


    • Excellent value
    • Ideal for use in workplaces
    • Finished in cherry
    • Keyboard hinges
    • Magnetic closure
    • Humidifier built-in


    • There is no felt on the underside.
    • The hygrometer is inaccurate.
    • It must be healed several times.

    Buyer’s Guide for Cigar Humidors

    We’ve all heard about the cost of a nice box of premium cigars. As a result, we frequently need to protect their freshness at all costs. You wouldn’t want your cigars to lose flavor owing to inadequate or excessive humidity after making such an investment.

    A humidor is used to keep cigars at a constant humidity. It’s basically a well-constructed, almost airtight, box. Contrary to popular belief, a humidor lid should not be airtight, to allow the necessary circulation of air. Musty smells destroy cigars.

    Humidors aren’t complex electronic or mechanical devices. A no-name brand can be as good as a famous brand. Finely crafted, quality humidors can cost a few hundred dollars. Humidors with cosmetic blemishes are called “imperfect” and are sold at bargain prices.

    Less fancy, but still functional humidors can be had for $30 to $100. A cheap plastic box or glass jar from the supermarket will also work, though few would call one a humidor.

    But what are humidors, how are they constructed, and what should you look for when purchasing one?

    All of these are questions that we will address in this section of the text.

    What exactly is a humidor?

    A humidor is a box filled with dry air that aids in the regulation and preservation of cigar temperature, humidity, and flavor. Why should I invest in a humidor? When you purchase a box of cigars, you have a lot of say over how they smell and taste.

    When you buy cigars in a box, you generally have no control over the humidor’s temperature, humidity, or ventilation. You can’t precisely seal cigars in their own box when you buy them by the case. When you purchase a box of cigars, you have a lot of say over how they smell and taste.

    When you buy cigars in a box, you generally have no control over the humidor’s temperature, humidity, or ventilation. You can’t precisely seal cigars in their own box when you buy them by the case.

    What is the purpose of a humidor?

    Cigars kept in a humidor absorb moisture from the surrounding air. The humidity improves the flavor of the cigars and helps to prevent the danger of deterioration. Should you keep your cigars in a humidor?

    Some people, however, go so far as to keep their cigars in a box in the freezer. That’s a definite method to guarantee the cigars won’t taste good. Using a Humidor A humidor is a piece of furniture that allows you to preserve cigars for extended periods of time without having to worry about them going bad.

    You may store your cigars in there until you’re ready to light them. If you store your cigars in a freezer box, they will almost surely be ruined. By removing a cigar from the humidor, you may dry it out. Other Humidor Applications Hamburger, hamburger!

    Why should I invest in a humidor?

    Even if you simply buy a few cigars to enjoy while traveling, a humidor will allow you to enjoy your collection without worry of spoiling. A humidor will also allow you to savor your favorite cigars to their maximum potential.

    This is because any undesirable substances in the air or on the surface of your cigars will be kept under control. Instead of turning rotten, the cigar’s bouquet will be considerably more pure.

    What Happens If You Don’t Have a Humidor?

    If you don’t keep your cigars properly, a few things can go wrong. These are some examples:

    • Excessive burning
    • Astringent flavor
    • Difficult-to-use lighting
    • While smoking, the cigar may burn out.
    • Mold
    • Infestation of beetles

    What are the advantages of using a humidifier?

    Cigar humidors, unlike other humidor designs, are passive rather than active. They must be refilled every time you purchase a fresh cigar. Because cigars cannot be stored in a refrigerator or freezer, they must be kept in a humidor. In a pinch, a regular jar will suffice, although it will be inconvenient.

    The advantages of utilizing a humidor include: Cigar humidors keep the scent of the cigars stored in them. This is especially critical if you’re a beginning smoker. It’s fantastic to be able to experience the delightful feeling of that first puff after you’ve spent some time with a cigar.

    Cigar humidors keep the taste of the cigars you keep in them. By putting the cigars in a humidor, you enable the essential oils in the air to seep into the tobacco.

    What is the distinction between a cigar box and a humidor?

    A cigar box is the container in which cigars are purchased in bulk. It is usually built of wood or cardboard and does not provide much humidity control for its contents. A humidor is a wooden box coated with Spanish cedar that is sealed and used to keep cigars. It aids in the preservation of optimum humidity.

    What Materials are Cigar Humidors Made of?

    Let’s look through the benefits and drawbacks of each of these materials and discover why they are so popular in the humidor market.

    Spanish Cedar

    The interior of most high-end cigar humidors is composed of Spanish cedar. They may feature a cedar lining on the walls as well as cedar shelves and drawers. The main advantage of utilizing Spanish cedar in the cigar humidor is that it repels insects and vermin while also preventing the humidor’s interior from deteriorating. It also repels cigar bugs and inhibits the formation of mold and mildew.

    Furthermore, Spanish cedar is beneficial for absorbing and releasing water to keep the humidity level within the cigar humidor at a constant level. All of these advantages are why Spanish cedar has been a popular choice for building high-quality cigar humidors, and cigar enthusiasts and experts will tell you that this type of wood also imparts a flavor to the cigars that you store inside your cigar humidor, especially if you store your cigars without their wrappers.

    Red Cedar of America

    Another popular type of cedarwood used in humidors is American Red Cedar. While Spanish Cedar is mostly found in South America, American Cedar is found in North America. While it has adequate storage capabilities, it does impart a distinct “wood” flavor note to the cigars after some time inside the humidor. It is, however, less expensive, lowering the entire price of the humidor down significantly.

    Mahogany from Honduras

    Honduran Mahogany shares many similarities with Spanish Cedar, particularly in terms of absorption. It also does not emit strong scents like other types of wood, making it perfect for humidors. On the other hand, it does not provide as effective protection against tobacco bugs as the Spanish Cedar.

    Other wood materials

    Mahogany, cherry, maple, walnut, and oak are some additional woods that can be utilized for the interior of the humidor. These are nice, but not as good as Cedar, which is why they aren’t as widely used.

    There are other humidors constructed of plastic, such as acrylic versions. You may also get glass or metal humidors, which aren’t as visually pleasing but do a good job of keeping humidity and temperature steady.

    Most humidors with Spanish cedar linings have a different wood species for the external finish. Most typically, this is cherry, which both looks nice and helps to maintain the humidor in the long run. Veneer wood construction humidors are humidors that solely employ a specific type of wood in their inside lining.

    Solid wood cigar humidors are those that have a single piece of wood across their whole wall. While solid wood humidors are more costly, they may not usually provide superior insulation. In truth, several veneer wood versions are far better and frequently less expensive.


    Vinyl is the greatest material for maintaining a constant temperature, especially when the humidity in the air fluctuates throughout the day. Vinyl is very useful for preserving cigars since it can keep humidity in while also cooling them on the outside. Vinyl may also give the humidor a more polished, professional appearance. A word of caution when purchasing vinyl: its brittle nature must be noted.

    Glass and acrylic

    Aluminum and acrylic are two of the most common materials used in cigar humidors nowadays. Because of its durability and low weight, aluminum is a more frequent material; nevertheless, acrylic can be used in its place. Acrylic, while not as strong as aluminum, is more resistant to moisture and can endure some external heat.

    Aluminium cigars need a more powerful external thermostat because to their proclivity to expand, compress, and distort. These cigars require the use of an extra acrylic filter or filter pad, which is simply a plastic container that eliminates humidity from the air. While acrylic is not required for all cigars, it may be beneficial to the greatest cigars. Cigar humidors should always be built with pride by professionals.

    Stainless steel

    Stainless steel humidors are unquestionably one of the most popular options among cigar enthusiasts.

    They can withstand greater humidity levels than their plastic equivalents because stainless steel retains its structure over time. They are also among the most reasonably priced humidors on the market.

    Stainless steel, on the other hand, is one of the most costly and popular humidor types since it looks lovely and is frequently constructed of solid surface. In addition, stainless steel humidors are more costly than plastic humidors.

    Before we get into the numerous qualities you should seek for in a decent cigar humidor, let’s first go through the different varieties available.

    Cigar Humidor Varieties

    There are a variety of humidors available, depending on their size. They can be classified as follows:

    • Personal humidors (or humidor boxes)
    • Pocket humidors
    • Travel humidors
    • Furniture humidors
    • Walk-in humidors
    • Humidor cabinets

    The most often used personal humidor boxes are classified as small (10-25 cigars), medium (25-100 cigars), and big (100-200 cigars). Even bigger humidors that can contain up to 300 cigars fit into neither category and frequently have a cabinet structure and functioning.

    Cigar humidors are further classified based on their materials as acrylic humidors, leather humidors, glass humidors, and metal humidors.

    Features of a Cigar Humidor

    When initially selecting a cigar humidor, you must consider a number of variables. Assuming you’ve already decided on a specific type of humidor, the following aspects should be considered:


    Humidors, as previously stated, can be produced from a wide range of materials. Nowadays, most versions have a two-layer design with an inside wood lining and an outside shell.

    The internal lining is often constructed of Spanish Cedar. American Red Cedar is also common, but in lesser quantities. Manufacturers often use attractive woods for the humidor’s exterior layer or shell. Cherry and maple woods are great examples of this.

    When purchasing a humidor with a glass top, be certain that the glass is tempered. Tempered glass tolerates temperature changes significantly better and does not enable the interior temperature to vary as much. Most businesses use stainless steel for their locks and hinges because it is strong, long-lasting, and does not corrode.

    Some cigar humidors include leather wrapping around the outside and handstitched corners. While the leather gives these boxes a high-end appearance, it has no effect on their overall function. They are also significantly more costly and often smaller in size.

    Dimensions vs. Capacity

    You should consider the humidor’s size in all aspects.

    First and foremost, compare the capacity of the units on your shortlist to the size of your current collection. You should, of course, account for the cigars you want to purchase in the future.

    Capacity, on the other hand, cannot be considered in isolation. Larger capacity humidors often take up significantly more space, so make sure you have enough area to fit any humidors on your shortlist.

    If you want a high capacity but have limited room in your workplace or study, several of the models we discuss today are rather squat and compact, allowing you to have the best of both worlds.

    Typical sizes for desktop humidors are 25, 50 and 100 cigars. Sizes above 200 cigars are usually reserved for cabinet or end table humidors. The actual usable capacity will depend on the size of the cigars. Larger humidors have horizontal trays or vertical dividers, useful for organizing different types or ages of cigars.

    It’s better to buy a larger humidor than is needed. This allows for future expansion, and space for air circulation within the humidor. Additional space might also be required for the humidifier and hygrometer (some are fixed to the inside of the lid of the humidor, and take up less space).

    Quality of construction

    The construction quality is an often ignored yet vital component that you should consider. When purchasing online, you won’t be able to assess how good a thing is made right away.

    A short peek through the comments, on the other hand, will show you what others thought of it and what their first thoughts were. Some humidors appear to be well-made until you learn they are poorly constructed, have a slew of flaws, and the wood type isn’t what was claimed.

    Some of the most common problems with humidors are hinges that are not properly aligned, MDF flooring that break, lids that do not seal properly, and magnetic humidifiers that fall into the box and destroy the cigars. Speaking of lids that don’t seal properly…

    Lid and Seal

    Many individuals prefer a glass humidor lid because it allows them – and others – to appreciate the magnificent cigars contained therein! Some of them on the list have glass lids, while others have solid lids, and all have a seal that ensures the humidity level is maintained.

    This is critical because a poor seal means your cigars will not stay fresh. Also, open the humidor only when required to avoid disturbing the air within too frequently.

    When it comes to what to look for, that is largely it, and we would include cost, but we have ensured that all budgets are covered. We’ll also point out that, while some of the items on our list have a lock, some do not, which is something to keep in mind if you have precious or rare cigars in your collection.

    Before we continue, there are a few questions we regularly receive regarding cigars and humidors, so let’s go over a couple of them briefly to help you understand why you need a humidor and some other frequently asked questions.

    Controlling Humidity

    The humidifier and the wood’s breathability are the only ways to manage humidity within the humidor. Nowadays, almost all humidors feature built-in humidifiers that are attached to the inside of the lid, you can also get an additional humidifier if yours does not reach the desired humidity.

    Others use humidifier trays loaded with a gel that gently releases water molecules into the air, keeping the cigars fresh. Because they are all consumables, you will need to buy more. Gel humidifiers are quite dependable and effective, while some individuals prefer sponges or other varieties of humidifier.


    Almost every humidor has a hygrometer, which is a built-in device that measures the humidity and water vapor in the air within your humidor.

    These have traditionally been analog, however a contemporary digital hygrometer may provide a considerably more exact reading.

    The mechanical dial lends an old-fashioned charm to the wooden box (already a rarity in today’s plastic world). Analog hygrometers are notoriously inaccurate and need to be calibrated. The hygrometer should be removable for calibration, and have a calibration adjustment screw.

    There is also the option of a Bluetooth-based hygrometer, which delivers all of the benefits of digital but can be viewed and managed from anywhere via an app on your phone.

    A good hygrometer will provide an accurate reading without the need to open the humidor, because each time it is opened, a little more humidity escapes into the air.

    While a hygrometer tells you about the humidity of the air inside the humidor, the moisture content of the leaf itself is a more precise measurement.

    A humidometer is a little, pronged instrument that you insert into your cigar to measure the moisture content of the leaves. Use it even when you’re smoking it, when it’s lighted and emitting more humidity (it should be around 77 percent ).

    You may also take a reading as soon as you purchase the cigar, which will give you an estimate of how long it will need to sit in the humidor to achieve your preferred levels.

    Temperature Regulation

    Another important component that helps you to make an educated decision about cigar humidors is the temperature control feature, which is found in the majority of cigar humidors.

    The optimal temperature range for storing cigars is between 62 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and a top quality temperature control system would be able to monitor the temperature within the humidor and adjust it if it did not fall within the range.

    No matter what the outside temperature is, if your cigar humidor has a temperature control option, you can set it to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and your cigars will preserve their freshness and quality.

    Viewing Area

    According to tobacco experts, it is advisable to open the cover of your cigar humidor less frequently in order for the cigars to stay fresh and in ideal conditions. A glass viewing pane on the cigar humidor you buy will lessen the number of times you need to lift the lid, so this is a nice extra feature to look for.

    People who enjoy looking at their cigars (not as strange as it sounds) will want a glass top. They also allow an internal hygrometer to be read, and curious friends to examine the collection, without losing humidity. A beveled edge on the glass top adds a touch of class.

    Other features that you might want to consider

    You can seek for a variety of other features. Make sure to emphasize those only after you’ve determined that the humidor is well-built, made of high-quality materials, and meets your capacity requirements. When you’re finished, look for:

    • Additional drawers for different types of cigars
    • Drawers for your extras (lighter, cutter, etc)
    • Lockable magnetic lids
    • Tops made of glass or walls made of glass
    • RH, temperature, and other data are shown digitally.
    • Bluetooth connection is used to manage the humidity wirelessly.
    • Humidifiers or humidifying substances are optional.

    Another element we haven’t discussed yet is the humidor’s appearance. It is difficult to dispute that these boxes are intended to compliment both the cigars and the environment in which they will be stored.

    Furthermore, because the majority of them are stored in furniture, various cabinets, or on your workplace desk, they must look the part. As a result, some humidors feature cherry finishes, piano black finishes, or glass sides or tops that display what’s within. Some humidors even have black or brown leather wrapped around the outside shell.


    Price, like size, should neither be considered in isolation, nor should the bottom line be the only consideration.

    See your cigar collection in the same way you consider your wine collection: as an investment. So, when you browse for humidors, you’re looking to make an additional expenditure just to safeguard your core investment. By selling yourself short and purchasing a low-quality humidor, you will only cost yourself money and satisfaction in the long run.

    Instead, invest in the greatest cigar humidor you can afford and don’t be afraid to pay a little extra to bring out the best features in the cigars you’ve been storing for a special occasion.

    Now, before we wrap up for the day, we’ve compiled a list of the most often asked cigar humidor questions.


    How Long Can a Cigar Humidor Be Used?

    As previously said, cigar humidors come in a variety of styles and qualities, and the quality also influences how long the humidor will endure. Cigar humidors, in general, do not have a shelf life or expiration date, and with good care and maintenance, you may actually extend the life of your humidor for many years.

    However, if you want a cigar humidor that you can easily transport with you on holidays and road trips, you can anticipate the humidor to be subjected to greater wear and tear than others.

    As a result, the longevity of the cigar humidor you purchase will be determined by how you treat and utilize it. First and foremost, it should always be placed in an area where it has a very minimal possibility of being knocked over. Furthermore, you should keep it away from direct sunshine and water.

    What Is the Price of a Humidor?

    The price of a humidor is determined by its features and capabilities. A nice cigar-box-sized humidor should be available for less than $100. You may easily spend $200 to $500 on a huge, reach-in humidor with a slew of bells and whistles.

    What characteristics should I search for in a decent humidor?

    There are a few key aspects that should be in the forefront of your mind from the start. The volume of the humidor is the most important, followed by the materials used to make it, the presence of a hygrometer and a thermometer, and the presence of a decent humidifier on the inside. Only once you’re certain that those boxes are checked can you go to the remainder of the humidor’s features.

    How long do cigars keep in a humidor?

    In most cases, cigars may be kept in a humidor for an extended period of time. That time is extended if you leave their cellophane wrapping on. If they are “naked,” a good time to store them is between 2 and 4 months. They will have more time to age and develop their flavors and characteristics this way.

    How Long Can Cigars Be Stored In A Humidor?

    A humidor will allow you to store cigars for an extended period of time and may even improve the quality of the cigars. As long as a cigar is stored in a humidity-controlled environment, such as a humidor, it will improve with age. 

    It is common practice to store fresh cigars in a humidor for 3-6 months to allow the cigar to age more, which improves the taste and quality of the tobacco. If you have a large collection, we recommend not storing the average cigar for more than 5-8 years because this is too long for the cigar’s health.

    Is a humidor really necessary for your cigars?

    If you only smoke once in a while and your cigars don’t sit for more than 3-5 days without being smoked, you probably don’t need a humidor. However, if you want to keep cigars for a longer period of time and keep them in the best conditions possible, you will need a good humidor.

    Do you keep the wrapper in the humidor?

    This, like many other aspects of cigars, is a matter of personal preference. When storing a cigar in a humidor, most cigar enthusiasts will leave the wrapper on because it helps keep the cigar fresh. It also tells you how many cigars you have, which can be useful when building a collection. We recommend leaving the cigars in the humidor as is to keep them as fresh as possible for as long as feasible.

    Is it OK to mix different types of cigars in your humidor?

    While it is not typically advised, you can store multiple varieties of cigars in the same humidor. If you insist on doing so, make careful to preserve cigars with comparable qualities and tastes in the same humidor.


    Finding the best cigar humidors will be a combination of personal preference and other important considerations. The materials, build quality, and capacity of the humidor to maintain a somewhat consistent humidity and temperature are the most essential of these aspects.

    The lid of a good humidor will be held in place by magnetic locks. They will also have built-in humidifiers to keep the humidity at a comfortable level. That way, your cigars will age properly and develop new flavors over time.

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