A bubbling pot of coffee wakes us up like a fire alarm in the morning, but imagine lounging on the front porch with your cup of joe and a decent cigar and easing into your day. Although we spend a lot of time mixing cigars with bourbon, scotch, and beer, the bulk of cigar enthusiasts smoke them with coffee. Nowadays, we drink coffee all the time. It is no longer just a breakfast beverage. Almost everywhere you go, you can get a cup of coffee.

Caffeine and nicotine provide you the best energy boost. Like a fine cigar, a decent cup of coffee is all about the taste and aroma. Regardless of what time of day you prefer a coffee and cigar, here are our recommendations for the greatest cigar and coffee combinations.

Why Do Coffee and Cigars Go Together So Well?

Coffee, like cigars, has its own distinct flavor and taste. The objective is to find a mix that complements the taste and enhances the overall experience. The simplest method to integrate the two is to think on the similarities between the two, which you should love.

For example, if your cigar is sweet and mild, a light roast coffee would be ideal. This manner, you can ensure that the flavors do not clash and that the taste is pleasing to you. A medium cigar that is moderately flavored and has natty flavors will need to be paired with a cocoa-based coffee, such as mocha. If you choose a robust cigar, such as a Maduro Wrapper, match it with a full-bodied roast coffee to bring out the acidic flavors of both. This is because powerful cigars are more likely to have leathery and peppery aromas.

Cigars and Coffee: How to Pair Them

Understanding the varied degrees of power and complexity underlying coffee and tobacco is the secret to mixing the best cigars with the best coffee. Cigars and coffee are classified based on their flavor, balance, body, strength, scent, and finish. Coffee and cigars with complementary flavor qualities are best paired.

Take into account the intensity of your cigar and coffee. When you combine a too powerful or spicy cigar with a quiet cup of coffee, you may miss out on the delicate natural tastes of your coffee. If you’re sipping a medium blonde roast coffee, consider a cigar with a Connecticut Shade wrapper.

Many coffees are blended from a variety of beans. Premium handmade cigars are also created from a variety of tobaccos. Cigars, like coffee, can have a flavor profile that is either homogeneous or complex, with several flavour transitions. Some profiles are more obvious, while others are more subtle. The tasting notes in a single cigar can vary greatly from start to finish.

Understanding the Flavors of Coffee and Cigars

Cigars are classified according on their flavor characteristics, which might include nutty, woody, sweet, smokey, leathery, herbal, and spicy notes. Coffee can be fragrant, bitter, mellow, acidic, gentle, or even fruity, tart, tangy, or delicate in flavor. There is plenty of room for cigar and coffee flavors to mix.

Tobacco and coffee have many similarities. Both are crops that grow primarily in equatorial or tropical climates. Both arouse our senses. The soil and environment in which tobacco and coffee are grown have an impact on the crop’s character and quality. And the best tobacco and coffee growers are zealous about their products. They are farmers who take great care in the consistency and flavor of their products.

Identifying important features such as a cigar’s strength, country of origin, wrapper leaf, and shape aids in taste interpretation and determining the optimal time to smoke it: after dinner, on the golf course, or while doing yard work. These details can also help you decide whether to pair your coffee with light, medium, or strong roasts. Here are a few to think about.

What Do the Various Types of Coffee Taste Like?

Once you’ve determined on the intensity and taste profile you want to combine, the next step is to determine what type of coffee fits that profile. Because most flavor variances are caused by soil types or various growth conditions, where the coffee is grown has a significant impact on taste.


Cubita coffee is the most popular Cuban coffee blend, with strong earthy tones and delectable notes of caramel and smokiness. The Santiago mix, on the other hand, is exceptionally smooth with a sweet, buttery flavor.


These Kenyan coffee beans emit delicate and mild overtones, as well as a faint fruity flavor.

Puerto Rican

A robust and potent mix with a delectably smooth, chocolaty flavor.


This medium roast Colombian coffee beans has a nicely balanced flavor with light undertones of acid, cream, fruit, and spice.

Cigar pairing based on how the coffee is made

Cigars and espresso

Espresso is one of the most popular coffees in the world. There are numerous locations to acquire it, or you may easily create it at home. In general, espresso has a distinct flavor and scent. The coffee used to produce it is generally arabica, which is why it is on the bitter side.

Coffee and cigar pairing is simple, and the best way to achieve it is to pair cigars and coffee that are of similar strength and flavor. The ideal method to combine espresso is with a cigar of the same strength. Medium-bodied cigars, such as the H.Upmann No.2, or even full-bodied cigars, perform well. Light-bodied cigars should be avoided since their aroma is too mild and will be masked by the flavor of the tobacco.

Another tip for really enjoying these duo is to have room-temperature water on hand. This is primarily due to the fact that espresso is a dehydrating beverage, and you should keep your mouth moist.

Cigars and cappuccino

Cappuccino is one of the most delicious and popular coffee drinks in the world, with a wide range of flavor and scent. It is typically served with milk foam, and the coffee is blended with milk to achieve the creamy taste that we all enjoy.

This coffee is ideal for smoking cigars. Because they are in the same strength league, medium-bodied choices such as Cohiba Siglo V are the best. This drink can also be matched with cigars with a coffee fragrance or even sweet overtones. This manner, the two delectable treats will complement each other and you will undoubtedly have a memorable taste experience.

Cigars and lattes

Latte coffees are among the lightest since they contain a lot of milk. The flavor is exceptionally smooth and delicate, which is why they are among the lightest on the market. This style of coffee is best combined with a delicate cigar. The best option is a light-bodied cigar since the aromas of both will blend well and the final flavor will be amazing.

Light cigars are also ideal for those who do not enjoy strong fragrances, which is why they pair so nicely with a latte.

Cigars and ice coffee

Coffee, in general, is a caffeinated beverage that is served hot. Ice coffee is one of the most delectable exceptions to this rule, as well as one of the world’s most popular drinks. This sort of coffee is known for having bitter undertones. In this situation, a medium-bodied cigar with the same strength and bitterness as the coffee is the best complement.

If the coffee is blended with milk, a light or light to medium-bodied cigar will pair well with it because the bitterness is reduced by the milk.

Coffee and cigar pairing hints and tricks

Coffee and cigars might make for the perfect love story. In addition to the basic combinations described above, there are some additional tips to aid you with these combinations.

If you’re going to serve hot coffee, be sure it’s not too hot. This is due to the fact that too high a temperature might compromise the quality of the coffee or impair your ability to taste and fully enjoy the aroma of this fantastic combo.

Putting sugar in your coffee while smoking a cigar is a contentious issue. Many coffee experts say that it destroys the taste of the coffee, but in the end, it is a matter of personal preference.

Cigars that are mild in flavor and coffee that is light or medium in roast

For decades, cigar enthusiasts have smoked Arturo Fuente Chateau Series with coffee. The nutty, approachable Dominican cigar is mixed by famed cigar maker Carlito Fuente in a superb, reasonably priced assortment of cigars that can be enjoyed with a blonde roast coffee at any time of day.

The original Montecristo pairs well with light blonde roast coffees. A creamy profile of cedar, cashews, and buttered toast adds a hint of spiciness while not overpowering the mild and nutty flavor of a blonde roast coffee. Montecristo is handcrafted in the Dominican Republic in a variety of traditional forms to accommodate the length of time you have to smoke. Because the blend is rich and well-rounded, a medium roast is also an option, although we recommend avoiding anything bitter or intense.

Cigars with a medium to full body and medium-dark roast coffee

When it comes to coffee, La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor is an obvious choice, especially a medium to dark roast. A diverse profile of almonds, chocolate, espresso beans, and crushed black pepper exhibits remarkable flavor transitions in a variety of traditional shapes. A well-aged combination of excellent Nicaraguan long-fillers is encased in an oily San Andrés wrapper leaf. The 95-rated cigar begins with a sweet and peppery flavor before transitioning to a creamy finish.

San Cristobal Quintessence cigars are also excellent with coffee. A historic interior of Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos is hidden beneath a Cuban-seed wrapper. Wood, molasses, leather, and spices combine in a powerful but balanced finish. Medium and dark roast coffees keep up with Quintessence without overpowering its rich flavor.

Cigars with a full body and strong dark or medium roast coffee

The Ashton Symmetry cigar demonstrates that powerful cigars can be exceedingly elegant. An sophisticated combination of quality Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers is encased in a Habano Rosado wrapper leaf. In a complex finish, elaborate aromas of cedar, coffee beans, figs, cinnamon, and spices overlay the palate. It goes well with a medium or strong dark roast. Symmetry is perfectly complemented by a double espresso or a Cuban coffee.

Fans of Nicaraguan cigars will agree that the Padron 1964 Anniversary is also delicious with a medium or dark roast. Notes of cedar, cayenne pepper, baking spices, cocoa, and wood combine to create a rich profile from an unusual recipe of aged all-Nicaraguan tobaccos. Make your next pot and pair it with this well-known blend.

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