9 Best Hygrometers for Humidors Reviewed

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Maintaining the incorrect degree of humidity is key to sustaining your cigar life for a long time.

cigar humidor

While most humidors come with a hygrometer, it’s usually an analog, which means there’s a bit of inaccuracy and constant calibration.

Or, if you want to build your walk-in humidor, you’ll want to find the best hygrometer to ensure all your cigars are intact.

This post reviews the best hygrometers on the market, including the best model for humidors, the most accurate overall, and the best model for home usage.

Our editorial staff independently researches, tests, and recommends the finest products to help you navigate online shopping. This post includes paid links; if you purchase after clicking on them, we may receive a commission.

Reviews of the Best Hygrometer

Here is our list of the top hygrometers on the market, along with reviews and ratings. We researched and tested genuine customer evaluations to suggest the best models for each application.

Overall winner: Temp Stick WiFi Temperature and Hygrometer Sensor

Ideal Sciences’ Temp Stick remote hygrometer is our top selection. This sensor measures both temperature and humidity. It can connect to any WiFi network and send email or text notifications when the temperature or moisture levels surpass your preset thresholds.

This remote hygrometer, made in the United States, is an accurate and adaptable alternative for continuously monitoring conditions in any environment from almost anywhere.

Unlike some wireless hygrometers, it is exceedingly simple to set up and comes factory calibrated (you can adjust the calibration if required). It just takes two AA batteries, and customers claim battery life ranging from six to twelve months, depending on usage.

You’ll also receive an automated notice if the batteries run low, reducing downtime.

We found the Temp Stick to be a very accurate and dependable wireless hygrometer, intended to perform in temperatures ranging from -40°F to 140°F (accurate to 0.4°C) and track humidity levels ranging from 0% to 100% (accurate to 4% RH). We also liked the app’s ability to display your whole reading history.

Monitoring is simple using an app accessible for both iPhone and Android smartphones. A web-based version is also available for monitoring from your computer.

Because of the device’s versatility, you can:

Connect an infinite number of sensors to one account to monitor numerous places.

Select whether the Temp Stick should take measurements every 5, 10, 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

Create your alert triggers (e.g., alert you when humidity reaches a particular measurement).

Add up to ten contacts to get notifications.

Although the Temp Stick is more expensive than the other devices on this list, the long-term value is great since there are no subscriptions or hidden fees, which are common with other remote humidity and temperature monitors.

Furthermore, the Temp Stick’s built-in WiFi connectivity, user-friendly software, and high dependability make it a smart purchase.


  • Hygrometer with high precision
  • Made in the United States
  • Internet access through WiFi
  • Simple installation
  • There are no subscription costs.
  • App that is simple to use
  • 7 days a week, free email and phone assistance


  • Because the lowest reporting interval is 5 minutes, full real-time reporting is not possible.
  • When employing frequent reporting intervals, battery life is lowered.

SensorPush Wireless Thermometer & Hygrometer came in second place.

If the Temp Stick is out of your price range, the SensorPush is the next best hygrometer.

This digital hygrometer is an excellent choice for monitoring humidity levels in your house.

This sensor has a 325-foot range through Bluetooth in ideal conditions with no impediments.

There is also the option to acquire a WiFi gateway device, similar to the Temp Stick, to get notifications from anywhere—but the gateway is a pricey and hefty extra compared to the compact and small thermometer hygrometer measuring unit.

The SensorPush continuously collects measurements (every minute) and can store up to 20 days of data within the gadget itself. So, even if you are gone for an hour or a week, the SensorPush continues to watch and save data from being accessed when you reconnect.

The SensorPush app, like the Temp Stick, stores an endless amount of data (available for iPhone and Android devices).

This gadget is adaptable and versatile since it can monitor an infinite number of sensors. In addition, each sensor may be monitored by an unlimited number of people. Users claim that the setup is simple, and the sensor is powered by a CR2477 coin cell battery (included), which lasts more than a year. Furthermore, the Swiss-made sensing component in the

SensorPush ensures accurate and dependable readings.

We found the SensorPush to be a high-quality thermometer hygrometer that is simple to use and less expensive than the Temp Stick.

However, if you want remote monitoring outside your house, you must install WiFi gateway equipment, which considerably raises costs.

We prefer the Temp Stick for monitoring humidity and temperature conditions from anywhere, but the SensorPush is a great alternative for around the house.


  • More affordable cost
  • Setup is simple, and a battery is supplied.
  • App that is extremely effective and simple to use
  • When not linked to Bluetooth, the device may save up to 20 days of data.
  • High precision and dependability
  • Lightweight and compact


  • When the WiFi gateway is added, the price skyrockets.
  • Bluetooth range might be limited depending on where the gadget is in the home.

Cigar Oasis Caliber 4R Gold Digital/Analog Hygrometer

A humidor, which is used to store cigars in a controlled atmosphere, is a typical use for hygrometers. We like the following choice after studying and assessing various others.

The Caliber 4R is a low-cost yet sophisticated humidity sensor nearly as precise as a high-end laboratory hygrometer, measuring within 1% RH with a 20-90 percent range. It’s a compact gadget with a beautiful and classic analog hygrometer design that’s ideal for your humidor.

It is factory-calibrated. However, you may alter the calibration as needed. Many customers appreciate this sensor’s color-coded, straightforward analog design, combined with a digital display’s precision.

This gadget enables real-time temperature and humidity monitoring and three-day high/low humidity and temperature averages. The humidity meter is attached to your humidor through a metal disk and a magnetic disk on the back of the humidity gauge.

We believe this is the greatest hygrometer alternative for guaranteeing a good storage environment for your cigars due to its accuracy and price. Even though having reporting or alert options, it is a very accurate and functional solution at a reasonable cost.

A few customers complained about calibration concerns, but most praised accuracy and dependability. The only complaint we heard from consumers was that the screen isn’t movable and is difficult to see unless you’re looking at it from the proper angle.


  • Exceptionally precise
  • Affordable
  • Magnetic mount that is secure
  • Traditional style


  • The display must be read at the correct angle otherwise it will be difficult to read.
  • There are no alternatives for remote reporting or alerts.

PuroTemp Round by Xikar

If you like branded items, this may be the hygrometer for you. Xikar claims its simple digital hygrometer with a clear display requires no calibration.

Indeed, the hygrometer has a 1-percentage-point range and has never been proven to be erroneous. Although we like to calibrate our equipment, we can see the appeal of this no-fuss hygrometer.

Back to the versions made expressly for humidors, this one from Xikar is spherical but finished in brushed steel. Certain humidors give a contemporary aesthetic for your cigar storage instead of the classic form, and this hygrometer would go wonderfully within one of those.

It’s not the cheapest model, but it’s also not the most costly, and it includes the standard huge display that shows both temperature and humidity.

With this example, the humidity value is accurate to within 2%. We would have wanted 1%, but it is worth considering.

As usual, it is battery-operated, the temperature may be shown on either scale, and it is calibrated out of the box. It’s also small and comes with a magnetized rear fitting, and it’s from a well-known company with a wide choice of high-quality cigar accessories. If you have a contemporary humidor, put it on your shortlist.


  • Design in aluminum
  • Low cost
  • Integrated thermometer
  • Right out of the box, it’s calibrated.
  • Rapid refresh rate


  • Calibration is not possible.
  • Inaccessible to newcomers

Western Humidor Cigar Oasis Analog Hygrometer

The Cigar Oasis, Western Humidor’s latest analog hygrometer, has a reputation for accuracy, with a rating of +/-1, which is rather good. 

This model can also be recalibrated, so if you detect a change in the flavor or quality of the cigar, you may recalibrate the gadget to get a more accurate rating. Because it’s composed of aluminum, it’s inherently rust and corrosion-resistant, which is a significant benefit given many lower-priced hygrometers corrode. 

Installation is also a snap thanks to the easy magnetic mounting option, which keeps the hygrometer securely in place while allowing you to remove it if it needs to be recalibrated effortlessly. 

This gadget should be recalibrated right out of the box for optimal accuracy. Fortunately, the manufacturer gives simple instructions that allow you to recalibrate the gadget in minutes.


  • Mounting using a magnet
  • A high level of precision
  • Low cost
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Simple to set up


  • Once a month, this model may need to be calibrated.=

Digital Hygrometer Cigar Oasis Caliber IV

The Caliber IV by Western Humidor is quite similar to the Caliber 4R, with the primary difference being the kind of display: the Caliber IV is digital, but the Caliber 4R combines an analog and digital display for a more elegant aesthetic.

The specs and functionality are comparable to the 4R, with an accuracy rating of 1% RH and the option to re-calibrate the sensor, allowing you to alter the hygrometer if you detect any changes, such as the flavor of your cigar. Both hygrometers are extremely precise and ideal for use in a humidor.

We did notice several user comments concerning calibrating difficulties. Even though it is factory-calibrated, we always recommend calibrating a new humidity meter when you receive it to guarantee precise results.

The Caliber IV is compact and slender, with a secure magnetic installation that allows it to fit easily inside your humidor. It measures temperature and humidity and keeps track of high, low, and average temperatures for three days.

As with the Caliber 4R, our main criticism is the lack of remote monitoring. Regardless, the low cost and great accuracy make it one of the finest digital hygrometers for humidors.

You also don’t have to be concerned about installation because it is extremely simple. The magnetic attachment feature simplifies installation and can be readily removed when it’s time for calibration.

You should recalibrate the gadget after removing it from the box for improved accuracy.

The instruction that comes with the gadget is simple to read, so you should have no trouble recalibrating it on your own.


  • Low-cost humidity meter
  • Extremely precise
  • Small enough to fit into any humidor.
  • Magnetic mount that is secure
  • Factory calibrated with re-calibration capability


  • There are no alternatives for remote reporting or alerts.

Extech 445815 Humidity Meter with Remote Probe and Alarm

If you require a humidity gauge to measure humidity in a difficult-to-reach place, the Extech 445815 model with the optional remote probe may be the best choice.

The Extech 445815 has a big display that shows the current humidity levels, temperature, and dew point of the room or region in which it is located. You may define minimum and maximum humidity values and receive auditory and visual alerts when certain levels are exceeded, just as the Ambient Weather WS-10.

The sensor’s most distinguishing feature is the remote probe, which includes an 18-inch cable for measuring behind walls, ducts, or other difficult-to-access regions. It also has a stand on a desk or other flat surfaces and a bracket for wall installation.

The Extech is also NIST Certifiable, which means it meets the criteria of ISO and other regulatory bodies for product accuracy and traceability to nationally recognized reference standards.

This type does not support remote monitoring; the only data stored is a recall of the lowest and maximum values.

It is a bit more expensive for its basic capability. Still, it is an excellent choice for professional applications, especially if you want NIST certification or need to measure behind walls, ducts, or other difficult-to-reach regions.


  • The display is large and simple to read.
  • Temperature, humidity, and dew point are all measured.
  • Included are notifications if the humidity level exceeds your pre-set settings.
  • Both the stand and the wall mount are included.
  • Remote probe for difficult-to-reach regions
  • NIST-Certified


  • If you don’t require the remote probe, you get less capability for the money.
  • Minimum and maximum readings are used to restrict data storage.
  • There is no remote monitoring.

Indoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor AcuRite 01083 Pro Accuracy

This is the solution for you if you want a simple humidity monitor with excellent accuracy at a reasonable price. The AcuRite 01083 is accurate to 0.5°F and 2 percent relative humidity. A huge display shows the humidity and temperature, as well as the high and low numbers for the last 24 hours.

A color-coded humidity indicator also shows if the humidity level is too low, too high, or just right. Of course, optimal humidity levels differ based on the individual, area, and application, but the indicator is useful for quick reference.

The AcuRite 01083 is simple to set up or place anywhere in your home. It may be wall-mounted and rests upright on a desk or tabletop. It also has a magnetic backing.

This sensor must calibrate for the most accurate temperature and humidity readings.

It does, however, include step-by-step calibration instructions to make the procedure as easy as possible. If you want to measure humidity in one location indoors without remotely monitoring it, this is an excellent indoor hygrometer solution at a fair price.


  • Home hygrometer at a low cost
  • It is simple to stand or mount anyplace.
  • Display that is simple to read


  • There is no remote monitoring capability.
  • There has been no data storage beyond high and low levels in the last 24 hours and all-time.

Digital Hygrometer ThermoPro TP50

One of the first features that catch the eye is the wide screen and massive numerals, allowing for clear information presentation.

You’ll be able to respond quickly and modify the circumstances if you have a handy indicator that shows you whether the room is dry, wet, or comfortable.

Data is updated every 10 seconds, allowing you to keep track of the most current developments. It is suitable for greenhouses but also works well as a thermometer for reptiles, soli, cigars, freezers, refrigerators, and various other applications.

Another useful feature of this device is the selector, which allows you to go from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa. It is powered by a single AAA battery, which is included with the device. There are also other ways to connect it, including a magnetic side and a tabletop stand.

Several concur that this one does not provide the most exact humidity measurements. It’s lower than any other well-calibrated instrument can measure.

However, once you’ve gotten used to the difference, it won’t bother you too much.


  • Larger numerals make reading simpler.
  • Model in a pocket
  • Change the temperature from °F to °C and vice versa.


  • This is not the most accurate model.

What exactly is a hygrometer?

A hygrometer, often known as a humidity meter or humidity gauge, is a device that measures the amount of humidity in the air.

In other words, hygrometers calculate temperature and pressure fluctuations to determine the quantity of moisture in a given environment. Electrical or digital hygrometers, psychrometers, mechanical hygrometers, and dew point hygrometers are all hygrometers.

For rapid and reliable humidity readings, digital hygrometers are commonly utilized in industrial settings, greenhouses, and other outdoor environments.

Digital hygrometers may also be used for personal and domestic purposes, such as keeping food storage rooms dry, preserving cigars, and monitoring wine cellars.

Hygrometers, both digital and analog

Hygrometers are classified into two types: analog and digital. Analog hygrometers are the “classic” hygrometers used to measure humidity for generations.

These are often made of metal and have a face similar to a watch with arrows pointing to certain numbers in a wheel to denote the metrics.

Cigar humidor containers frequently have a built-in analog hygrometer.

Although analog hygrometers have a “vintage” appearance, they are often less accurate than digital hygrometers.

Analog hygrometers are more visually appealing and more difficult to calibrate.

Digital hygrometers provide a considerably more precise representation of the humidity levels in your home or humidor. Nowadays, digital hygrometers also function as thermometers and may provide daily averages or historical data.

The most powerful hygrometers will even link to your smartphone through an app, allowing you to read the data directly from your phone.

Why Is a Hygrometer Necessary?

A hygrometer is useful because it tells you what the temperature and humidity levels are within your humidor.

Unfortunately, you can’t just dump your cigars in an old cigar box; they need moisture to keep their exquisite flavor. A hygrometer protects against bugs, mold, and cigar drying out.

You’d be amazed how much your humidor’s temperature and humidity may change from the outside, especially in direct sunlight, on top of a computer, or in the basement. These areas can affect the temperature and humidity, so be cautious!

What Is the Best Digital Humidor Hygrometer?

A cigar humidor’s ideal temperature and relative humidities are 70°F and 70% RH. Monitor the humidity and temperature in your humidor using a hygrometer.

Cigars that are not properly maintained in the right circumstances might dry up, mold, or lose their flavor and fragrance, which is why cigars must be stored within a humidor in a controlled atmosphere.

Cigars should be kept at a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity level of 68-72 percent for optimum flavor and quality.

We recommend the Boveda 72 percent Humidity Control Packs to keep the optimal conditions within your humidor. Many humidors include a hygrometer. However, we find that buying one separately is generally a preferable alternative.

The Temp Stick may be the greatest humidor hygrometer since you can view the temperature and humidity almost anywhere, thanks to the built-in WiFi connectivity and simple smartphone app.

We like this option since you will receive warnings without opening your humidor if the temperature or humidity settings you set through the app are exceeded.

The Caliber 4R or Caliber IV, the most precise hygrometers built exclusively for use within a humidor, is a more economical yet very accurate choice. Still, they do not offer the remote monitoring capabilities that the Temp Stick has.

Which Hygrometer Is the Most Accurate?

The Caliber 4R and Caliber IV humidity monitors are the most accurate hygrometer devices we tested. They are accurate to 1 percent RH and have a humidity range of 20-90 percent.

That implies the Caliber 4R and Caliber IV are more precise than any of the other alternatives we tested, accurate to within 1% of the absolute humidity. Even our favorite hygrometer, the Temp Stick, is only accurate to 4% RH (which still makes it the most accurate among the remote monitors). Both Caliber models are factory calibrated but may be re-calibrated by 6%.

These two sensors’ 1% RH accuracy is good, especially for a low-cost home hygrometer. Normally, we would expect that kind of precision from a laboratory humidity meter, which may cost up to $1,000. We strongly recommend the Caliber 4R or Caliber IV if precision is critical.

What is the purpose of a hygrometer?

You’re probably aware that a hygrometer detects humidity (the amount of water vapor in the air).

But how precisely does it accomplish this?

In this part, I’ll describe how the instrument performs its intended function in layperson’s terms.

(We’ll concentrate on analog and digital models because they’re both popular among homeowners.)

How Does an Analog Hygrometer Work?

A composite coil is used in most analog hygrometers. The coil typically comprises a thin metal strip linked to a moisture-absorbent hygroscopic substance, such as a paper polymer.

As the material absorbs moisture, it expands while the metal strip remains constant. This causes the coil to rotate or bend, causing the needle on the dial to move to display the relative humidity.

When the circumstances grow dry, the moisture on the substance evaporates. As a result, the coil will compress. This will again move the needle around the dial, displaying the current humidity level.

How Does a Digital Hygrometer Work?

The current humidity meter is a digital or electronic hygrometer.

A common digital hygrometer employs solid-state sensors (resistive or capacitive) to assess humidity levels. In other words, it determines the humidity by measuring the resistance or capacitance of a given air sample.

You’ll get two metal plates with air between them for the capacitive hygrometer. The capacitance of the plates will be affected if there is a lot of water in the air.

The hygrometer will offer you an accurate and quick relative humidity value if you know how much charge the plates can hold.

In the case of the resistive sensor, electricity is routed through an exposed ceramic material component. More water vapor condenses inside the ceramic when humidity levels rise, reducing its resistance.

The hygrometer will provide precise humidity measurements by detecting the amount of current flowing through the ceramic.

What Is the Best Temperature and Humidity for Cigars?

My guideline, and the most usual, is to aim for a score of 70 or above on each measure.

Many Cuban cigar lovers like to keep their cigars under 70 degrees Fahrenheit and closer to 65 percent humidity (F).

One recommendation is that if you keep your humidor at 70 degrees (F) and 70 percent humidity, you should “dry box” the cigars before smoking.

Dry boxing is just placing the cigar in a box for a short period (12 – 24 hours) before smoking it. This greatly reduces the possibility of your cigar becoming blocked and can help prevent burn concerns if you maintain cigars at 70/70.

To summarize, every cigar is unique – some may smoke better at a given temperature than others. Choose a value that you are comfortable with and stick to it!

What temperature should my humidifier be set to?

This is, once again, a vital consideration regarding cigars. The conventional rule of thumb is that the optimal temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit, with a few degrees on each side being good. Place the humidor in a room where the temperature varies since this will impact the environment within the box.

Calibration of a Hygrometer

The level of accuracy is the most important criterion when utilizing humidity sensors in all settings.

Although most hygrometers are factory-calibrated, we always recommend calibrating them yourself when you first acquire them to ensure the maximum level of accuracy.

It’s also vital to regularly check and re-calibrate your hygrometer because the sensor’s data might drift over time. We recommend utilizing a calibration kit, such as the Boveda One-Step Hygrometer Calibration Kit, to acquire the best results.

Adjusting the Humidity Level in a Cigar Humidor

An accurate indoor hygrometer will detect humidity in a closed setting, such as a cigar humidor, but how can you modify the level if the conditions aren’t right?

The Boveda Humidity Control Packs are now available. The proprietary technology inside the pack either adds or removes humidity based on the conditions, ensuring that the particular moisture content incorporated into each pack is maintained.

The Boveda packs come in humidity levels of 49, 58, 62, 65, 69, 72, 75, and 84 percent and are accurate to 1% RH in an airtight atmosphere. Investigate the best level for your specific application and select the necessary control packs.

Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Digital Hygrometer

The best humidity monitor is determined by several aspects, including the primary reason for utilizing the hygrometer, its accuracy, power supply, and many more. Keep the following factors in mind while selecting the finest digital humidity meter for your unique needs.

A humidity meter is an essential tool for keeping cigars fresh and flavorful. As a result, there may be several aspects to consider while looking for the finest cigar hygrometer.


Make sure it’s small enough to fit in your humidor, and think about how you’ll mount it. A mounting mechanism, such as a magnetic mount, may be useful to some users.

Accuracy of Humidity

As previously said, accuracy is vital when deciding on the finest humidity meter. Is an ultra-precise meter required, or would a regular, low-cost gadget suffice? Verify accuracy ratings and ranges when analyzing your alternatives and their specific characteristics.

When reading digital hygrometer evaluations, look for the percent RH rating; this is the sensor’s margin of error. The most precise humidity sensors on the market have a margin of 1% RH. However, up to 4% RH or even slightly greater is suitable for many applications.

Temperature Precision

Temperature is also a significant consideration while storing cigars. A 70 percent and 70F mix is the optimal joint level, and any little fluctuation may be monitored. The temperature accuracy of those on the list is typically about +/- 1%, which is fine and usual.

Battery Life and Power Source

A gadget’s power source and battery life are crucial factors to consider while buying. Is it wireless, or must it be plugged in? What batteries are required if wireless, and how long is the estimated battery life?

Alerts and remote monitoring

Remote monitoring and warnings are useful features of some of the top hygrometers. In other words, you may remotely monitor your gadget via an app and receive notifications if levels surpass your pre-set thresholds.

The Temp Stick, our top pick, offers WiFi connectivity to provide these remote capabilities. The Temp Stick and other remote temperature monitors are more expensive, but the usefulness is worth the extra expense to avoid costly and irreversible harm to your home or goods.

Examine the precise characteristics of the gadgets that do include remote monitoring. Can the alerts you get be customized, and can numerous individuals receive them? How frequently does the gadget take measurements and provide results? These distinctions can significantly impact whether or not you are eventually happy with your purchase.

The User Interface

When comparing different models, keep the user interface of each device in mind. Is the display clear and legible? Will the display be large enough to view if you (or the intended user) are elderly or has vision problems? Is there a companion app, and is the UI simple to use and understand?

Focus on product images as well as what reviews say to get a good understanding of the user interface’s quality and overall ease of use.

Options for mounting

Do you require a gadget that can stand or be mounted? Or do you intend to hang it up? The bulk of them has all of these choices.


A hygrometer will most likely arrive pre-calibrated, but a calibration technique will be presented to you if you wish to double-check its accuracy. We recommend that you conduct this in your humidor to ensure the highest levels of accuracy.


Of course, price is always an essential concern while buying, but each price must be evaluated in terms of features and accuracy. For example, a more expensive hygrometer with remote monitoring may be a better long-term investment than a tiny, inexpensive hygrometer with no smartphone app.


Whether trying to preserve your home’s relative humidity at a healthy level, storing expensive artwork properly, or monitoring your cigar humidor, regularly monitoring the humidity in the air is critical. A digital hygrometer can provide a precise reading, letting you know when the circumstances need to be altered.

Several humidity meters are on the market, each with features, accuracy, and price. Some hygrometers are simple devices that monitor humidity in a single location. Others may incorporate several sensors to monitor conditions in various places, and some may allow for remote monitoring via a smartphone app.

Based on our comprehensive study, the best hygrometers are the Temp Stick, SensorPush, and Caliber 4R. The Temp Stick is our top pick for most applications, especially if you require a device for remote monitoring.

If you’re a cigar fan looking for a more cheap and accurate hygrometer for your humidor, we recommend the Caliber 4R. Remember to calibrate your humidity gauge with a calibration kit when you first receive it and re-calibrate it regularly to keep the results correct.

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