Why and How To Separate Cigars in a Humidor

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Do you have a cigar collection that is growing out of control? Are you looking for ways to organize your humidor so that you can find the perfect cigar for any occasion?

This blog post explores the importance of separating cigars in a humidor. Cigar aficionados know that storing cigars in a humidor is essential for preserving their flavor. But many don’t realize that separating cigars by brand and type is also important for preserving their flavor.

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This blog post will explain the benefits of separating cigars in a humidor, the types of humidors available, and the best ways to store different brands and flavors of cigars. Readers will understand how to maximize cigar storage potential by separating different brands and flavors in their humidors.

Benefits of Separating Cigars in a Humidor

Separating cigars in a humidor offers many benefits for cigar enthusiasts. Not only does it help preserve the flavor of each cigar, but it also prevents the oils from different brands from mixing and affecting the taste.

It also helps to keep different-strength cigars apart and flavored and non-flavored cigars. When separating cigars, dividers and trays can be used for organization, and airflow should always be considered.

Finally, some cigar enthusiasts prefer to stack different brands together, while others prefer to store the same brand inside one humidor.

Types of Humidors

When it comes to cigar storage, there are a variety of humidors available to choose from. They come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, ranging from small desktop models to large walk-in designs. Traditional humidors are typically made of wood and feature Spanish cedar interiors, which help maintain the perfect humidity level.

Other humidor options include acrylic, aluminum, and plastic, all of which offer great humidity control. For cigar enthusiasts who want to store a large collection, larger humidors with multiple shelves or drawers will be the best option. Make sure to research the type of humidor most suitable for your collection, as some styles may not hold the number of cigars you need.

Keep Different Brands Separate & Storing the Same Brand Inside One Humidor

Cigar aficionados need to separate different brands of cigars in their humidors. This is because cigar flavors can “rub off” on one another, mixing flavors from the different cigars. For those with limited space, a good solution is to use dividers and trays to separate the cigars with different brands.

Storing the same brand of cigars in one humidor can benefit cigar enthusiasts who want to maintain a consistent flavor profile. Keeping the same brand together allows the oils and flavors to mingle and blend, creating a unique and complex taste. Furthermore, this method also helps to ensure that all cigars have the same humidity level.

Separating Flavored and Non-Flavored Cigars

When storing cigars in a humidor, keeping flavored and non-flavored cigars separate is important. This is because flavored cigars are infused with oils that can affect the taste and aroma of other cigars stored in the same humidor. It is best to keep flavored cigars in a separate humidor or on separate shelves within a humidor.

This will ensure that the flavor and aroma of each cigar remain undisturbed. Additionally, many humidors have dividers inside them that allow you to keep similar cigars grouped. This can also be used to help separately flavored and non-flavored cigars. Keeping these two types of cigars separate will ensure that they both remain fresh and flavorful for as long as possible.

Using Dividers and Trays for Separating

Using dividers and trays to separate cigars in a humidor is a great way to ensure that the flavor of each cigar is kept distinct and that no unwanted cross-contamination occurs. Tray dividers are often found in medium or large humidors, allowing multiple layers of cigars to be stored.

Spanish cedar dividers are also available and provide vertical separation between cigars. This helps to ensure that there is no flavor transfer between them. In addition, wiping down the exposed wood surfaces with a damp cloth helps maintain the humidity levels inside the humidor, preventing mold and tobacco beetle infestation.

By using trays and dividers for separating cigars, cigar lovers can ensure that their prized cigars remain in perfect condition and retain their unique flavors.

Consider Airflow

Airflow is an important factor to consider when storing cigars in a humidor. It is important to ensure that the cigars can have air move freely around them. Otherwise, the flavor of the cigars can be compromised.

This will ensure that each brand of cigar maintains its flavor and aroma. Keeping different brands of cigars separate will allow cigar lovers to experience the full spectrum of flavors from each cigar without having any unwanted flavors mingle in the humidor.

Cigars should not be packed too tightly, as this can reduce circulation and lead to flavor transfer. The best way to ensure optimal airflow is to use dividers or trays inside the humidor to separate different brands of flavored and non-flavored cigars. A humidifying device to add moisture to the environment will help keep cigars from drying.


In conclusion, separating cigars in a humidor has advantages, including enjoying marrying flavors, better protection for cigars, and storing different brands separately. Many types of humidors available on the market can accommodate different sizes and needs.

When separating cigars in a humidor, consider using dividers and trays. Additionally, be mindful of airflow, and don’t forget to stack the same brands together inside one humidor. With the right tools and knowledge, you can find the perfect way to store your cigar collection inside your humidor.

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