My Story

Welcome to my blog. I’ve been smoking cigars for about 8 years. I started my cigar journey by celebrating a win in my life.

My first cigar was the Partagas black label at a cuban bar, drinking a mojito in Los Angeles. I fell in love instantly and started to smoke more.

Of course, I started to get sick smoking 2 in one sitting. But I learned my lesson. This is a cool cigar site to help both beginners and pro about cigars.

I’ve practically lived at a cigar lounge. From 10am to 10pm, smoking every new cigars they’ve brought.

I’ve travelled South America, exploring different cultures and tobaccos.

This is my experience and expertise.

Anyone who wishes to collaborate with me, please email me a build100k (gmail). I will be doing lots of product reviews!

smoking a cigar

My site is relatively small at the moment. But it is growing. Currently, the ads that are currently present are affiliate programs. But these will discontinue as my cigar site grows.

The site is custom-built from my WordPress Theme SEO RANK SERP, with fixed sidebars (left and right) and CTA above the title and below the author profile.

Also, ad space can be put on inside the article.

Alternatively, boxes of cigars work for me as well! However, I do travel to different countries, so if you can ship it internationally, feel free to let me know if you can! Please contact me:

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