How to Keep Cigars Fresh, The Right Way

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Knowledge of cigar preservation techniques is essential for any cigar enthusiast. It would be unwise to puff on a dry and stale cigar. This article tackles the several ways and steps you can do to keep your cigars fresh.

What is a humidistat or hygrometer?

To function, a humidistat doesn’t need to be connected to a power source. A constant 70 percent relative humidity and a constant temperature can be found at all times. This is why it is such a good choice. A hygrometer displays the relative humidity in the air. Choose a hygrometer, analog or digital, that best suits your needs.

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Ways to keep cigars fresh

Here are some measures you can take to keep cigars fresh.

Store in appropriate humidity and temperature levels.

A relative humidity of 62 to 72 percent is fine. If you want to be specific, the rule of thumb in the cigar world is that most cigars perform best with a humidity level of 70% and a temperature of 68 degrees. However, these levels may be difficult to sustain throughout the year.

The humidity level should be adjusted to the current temperature. The technique that experts have recommended involves adding one percent of moisture for every degree the temperature decreases. If, for example, the current temperature is 67 degrees and the dew point is 70, then the relative humidity should be around 71%.

The climate should be kept consistent if you invest much in a collection of cigars from different countries. It’s been shown that certain cigars fare better in drier climates because of the weather and the way they were made. This is because cigars are best used in the country they were manufactured.

Buy a humidor for better storage conditions.

Humidors are perfect for aging cigars and preserving them fresh for brief periods. Hence, purchasing a humidor is ideal for keeping cigars in the house. These humidors are adjustable to replicate the conditions found in cigar factories and can store various cigars. They can provide and remove excess moisture, making them an invaluable tool.

Be sure to refill your humidifier consistently.

Forgetting to replace a humidifier can lead to less-than-ideal conditions for your cigars. Keep track of when you refill the water in your humidifier by marking it on a calendar. Many modern humidifiers include alarms to remind you to replace the humidifier when the water level becomes too low.

Make sure the temperature is at appropriate levels

It is advisable to store humidors away from sunlight and at or close to room temperature. Put it simply by applying the Rule of 70, which is 70 degrees and 70% humidity. Humidity levels can be negatively affected by colder temperatures, whereas humidity spikes caused by warmer temps can destroy a cigar.  

How to properly store cigars

While it’s easy to understand the importance of keeping humidity levels healthy, putting that understanding into practice during our hectic daily lives can be challenging. Consequently, correct cigar preservation methods are often disregarded. Several are listed below for your consideration:

Put cigars in the humidor for a few minutes before lighting up.

A humidor is the best place to store cigars to ensure they are in prime smoking condition when you’re ready to enjoy one. The desire to use freshly purchased cigars is strong, but it is recommended to let them rest in a humidor for at least two weeks.

Although you know the cigars at your go-to shop will be stored properly, you can never be 100 percent confident of their treatment until you buy them. It’s especially important to remember this when shopping online.

Don’t store cigars in the refrigerator.

Keeping cigars “fresh” in a refrigerator or freezer seems reasonable, yet most current cooling units don’t require maintenance or defrosting. They are sucking moisture out of the air to prevent frost and condensation. Also, unsealed cigars stored in the refrigerator will pick up odors from other foods and beverages.

There is no expiration date in “freshness.”

The term “freshness,” commonly misused in the cigar industry, only means preserving the cigars in pristine condition for as long as possible before lighting them. The “freshness” of a cigar can be preserved during years of aging if it is stored correctly. Cigars can be enjoyed forever because they do not go bad. Therefore, dry cigars can be restored to a nearly “fresh” state with some careful handling.

Fill the humidifier with distilled water instead of tap water

It’s easy to get into the habit of filling humidifiers with tap water. However, humidifiers used with standard tap water can promote mold and bacteria growth, rendering them ineffective and possibly damaging cigars. Distilled water and a cigar solution prevent these problems and keep your cigars at an optimal humidity level.

Keeping Cigars Fresh Without a Humidor

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Those who prefer not to spend a fortune on humidors must become experts at stocking and storing cigars in other ways.

The most typical method is to store them all in a Ziploc bag. However, this method won’t work for very long. Next is to grab a new sponge, rinse it off with some regular water, and put it in the Ziploc with the others.

Frequently asked questions

Is storing cigars in Tupperware a good idea?

If you want quick access to your cigars, Tupperware is the best way to store them. f you have a few cigars and plan to smoke them soon, storing them in an airtight Tupperware should be fine. However, it won’t keep your cigars fresh for at least 30 days.

Is it okay to store cigars in the freezer or fridge?

A refrigerator or freezer is not an ideal environment for cigar storage. Cigars should not be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. You will be deprived of the very flavor that makes your cigar special.

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