How to Hold a Cigar Like a Pro

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Every cigar connoisseur has their unique style of holding a cigar. Most of the time, we don’t give it any consideration because it comes to us subconsciously.

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However, there will always be those who are quite inquisitive about the proper technique to hold a cigar.

Is it better to use your right or left hand? Index or middle finger? To be honest, there is no right or wrong method to hold a cigar; it is totally up to your own choice.

Is There a Correct Way?

There is a lot for a newbie to learn in the cigar business. But you don’t have to worry about how the cigar was discovered or which great individual was recognized for their love of torpedoes.

It’s all about seeming like you know how to smoke and have been doing it for years at first. Because nothing is more humiliating than having an experienced smoker adjust your ash, cut, handle, or light your cigar. But is it really that significant?

Believe it or not, there are many cigar enthusiasts who spend much too much time discussing cigar etiquette and how to correctly smoke, ash, and handle their stogie.

There have also been discussions on whether or not the ring should be removed, as well as how to smoke appropriately in public spaces. But holding a cigar is another subject that many smokers like debating, and it’s one guaranteed method for seasoned smokers to figure out who the new kid in town is.

The proper way to hold your cigar will be a crucial element of your smoking experience. The style of grip you utilize reveals something about you and your smoking habits. As a result, you should take care to select the perfect grip and hold your cigar properly, especially when visiting your neighborhood bar.

Is There a Wrong Way to hold a cigar?

There is one thing that is certain. Most cigar smokers will agree that holding a cigar like a cigarette is a bad idea. While many people assume that holding a cigar like a cigarette is merely terrible etiquette, there is also a practical reason for avoiding doing so.

You’re more likely to drop a cigar if you hold it between your index and middle fingers. Because of the wider breadth of most cigars, a tighter grasp is required, which cannot be given by the fingers used to hold a cigarette.

Is there a proper method to hold a cigar for a guy or a woman?

There is no unique instruction or regulation on how to hold a cigar that is regarded correct for male or female smokers. Even so, you can tell the difference between a male and female cigar-holding manner.

Men often hold a cigar between two fingers and support it from underneath with their thumb.

Women, on the other hand, like to hold the cigar more gracefully by placing two fingers on top of their thumb at the bottom of the cigar.

How Should I Hold a Cigar?

There is some disagreement over how to hold a cigar. The most popular technique to hold a cigar is between your dominant hand’s thumb and forefinger. This allows you to keep complete control over the cigar, reducing the possibility of it slipping out and falling.

Use your other fingers to support the cigar’s end, especially if it’s still long. Hold the cigar lightly, since squeezing it too firmly might cause it to break.

Some people believe that holding the cigar between your pointer and middle finger, as if it were a cigarette, is terrible form. This mannerism should be avoided in formal settings. Some individuals handle cigars by looping their pointer finger over it and propping it on their middle finger, although this is considered impolite.

Grip Type Standard

Remember that the cigar you’re holding in your hand is the culmination of a lengthy and laborious procedure. Hundreds of individuals contributed to the creation of the cigar, from seed to stick.

The conventional grip is one that demonstrates respect for the good cigar you’re smoking. Your grasp should not be extremely tight. Instead, it should be just tight enough to maintain the cigar in your palm while yet allowing you to comfortably roll it back and forth between your fingers. If you’re smoking a longer cigar, make sure you’re using all four fingers.

When smoking a shorter cigar or a cigar that has been smoked more than halfway, you’ll need to use three fingers, eliminating the third finger as you move closer to finishing the cigar. To smoke, you should always use at least two fingers and a thumb.

This grip will demonstrate to other smokers that you are a seasoned cigar connoisseur. It also demonstrates that you respect and comprehend the skill and hard work that goes into producing a high-quality cigar.

What Is the Most Frequently Used Grip?

The most typical technique to hold a cigar is similar to the pool cue grip, however for a more relaxed hold, you hold the cigar with your thumb, index finger, and the rear of your middle finger.

This gives the cigar’s bottom much-needed stability. Although many experienced smokers feel that this is the greatest and most suitable manner to smoke, this is controversial.

More ways to hold a cigar

The Triple Support

This approach is easy and ideal for beginners. The forefinger and middle finger must be placed on the cigar band, while the thumb provides support from below. This approach provides a secure grasp that you can manipulate with your fingertips.

If you want to learn how to hold a cigar securely for an extended length of time, this approach can assist you. To avoid crushing the cigar below with the thumb, make sure your fingers and middle finger are soft on it.

The Prime Minister

Those who are well-versed in the most opulent methods to enjoy a cigar choose the Prime Minister position. This method of holding a cigar is not extremely common, but it got famous since a number of celebrities used to use it. All you have to do with this approach is simply hold the cigar between your teeth.

Making Use of a Cigar Holder

If you don’t need both hands for something else (you’re at the bar, on a bridge, at a stop light on your motorcycle…), use a cigar holder. A cigar holder is similar to a small, beautiful pair of pliers.

To use a cigar holder to hold a cigar, just put the end of the cigar into the holder and hang it while smoking. The key to utilizing a cigar holder is to strike a balance between having the cigar holder tight enough to grab onto and open enough to draw properly.

How to hold a Large Cigar

Although little cigars are fairly simple to handle, larger cigars might be difficult to hold for extended periods of time. Some of the most popular cigars on the market have ring gauges of up to 60, or approximately 1″ in diameter. While they are lightweight, they might be difficult to support up on fingers comfortably.

If your fingers are tight from being in the same position for too long, it’s fine to place a cigar on an ashtray. As long as you take up the cigar again within a minute or two, you should be able to continue smoking it without having to relight it.


It all comes down to comfort and how you want your cigar to represent your style as long as you aren’t holding it like a cigarette. The way you hold your cigar reveals a lot about your personality and sense of flair. There are several methods to hold a cigar, so experiment with a few and go with what seems natural.

As long as you don’t drop it, your smoking experience will be pleasurable.

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