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Does Nicotine Keep You Awake?

Said nicotine does indeed interfere with sleep. Because nicotine stimulates the neurological system, consuming it before bed or throughout the day can keep you awake. Daytime fatigue and nighttime waking…

How to Keep Cigars Fresh

Knowledge of cigar preservation techniques is essential for any cigar enthusiast. It would be unwise to puff on a dry and stale cigar. This article tackles the several ways and…

How to Fix Bad Breath from Cigar

The flavor of your cigar is greatly affected by what you eat and drink before you light it. If you smoke after eating a salty meal, the aftertaste may persist…

How to Hold a Cigar Like a Pro

Every cigar connoisseur has their unique style of holding a cigar. Most of the time, we don’t give it any consideration because it comes to us subconsciously. However, there will…