12 Best Travel Humidors Reviewed

smoking a cigar by jay | Updated on January 26th, 2023

Are you frequently gone for the day and wish you had a couple of cigars in the car so you could kick back and relax? 

travel humidor

Perhaps you’re planning a trip or holiday and won’t be able to bring your hefty humidor with you. So, grab some cigars and come along for the adventure!… Because this area has a variety of travel humidors and travel cases that can hold from 3-80 cigars.

One of the first things you learn in the cigar business is that cigars should always be stored in a controlled atmosphere. This allows them to develop, grow sweeter, and age more slowly. 

Your cigars might be ruined if you do not use a humidor. The same may be stated if you bring your cigars without sufficient protection.

Due to high temperatures and uncontrolled humidity levels on the golf course, whether you’re playing in strong heat or near a water source, your cigars are more likely to dry out or have a bitter taste. 

That is why we have identified the best travel humidors to transport your prized cheroot while on the road. Each product has something special to offer, so select wisely based on your requirements. Also, don’t forget to check out our buyer’s guide for more in-depth information.

Cigar Case Cigarism

We begin with the Cigarism Cigar Case, which is handy for keeping your cigars and lighting them. 

The various components that come with it will immediately wow you. It includes a zinc alloy cigar cutter to assist you in caring for your cigars and trim them to the trimming you want. Steel blades suitable for use on various cigars round out the set.

Furthermore, the blades are stainless steel, ensuring they will endure for a long time. It also includes a jet flame lighter, eliminating the need to carry a separate lighter and allowing you to light your cigar anytime. It also features a Spanish cedar tray with a lovely smell that keeps insects at bay.

Meanwhile, the surface is quite soft, making it extremely easy to hold. The handle, which comes in helpful while transporting it and its myriad attachments, adds to the comfort.


  • Tray made with Spanish cedar
  • Keeps humidity at bay
  • Handle for increased convenience
  • Surface that is soft
  • Flower Carving


  • The lighter may fail.

Case for Scotte Cigar Humidor

The Scotte Cigar Humidor is, without a doubt, one of the best-selling travel humidors this year. It is practical, can hold many cigars at once, and is excellent at maintaining its RH percentage. 

However, it isn’t what makes it such a popular product. The pricing is what entices people to buy it. When it comes to value for money, this humidor reigns supreme.

It is quite straightforward in terms of design and construction. The humidor is a tube-shaped container with a small cap on top. The case’s structure is composed of cedarwood. This wood is good at maintaining humidity and has a pleasant fragrance.

In terms of construction, Scotte has utilized premium-grade leatherette to create this product, which is resistant to wear and tear. The hardwood finish is also fairly robust, adding to the product’s overall sturdiness.

The roomy interior of this device, which allows you to keep 12-16 cigars at once, is its selling point. However, we recommend having an average of 12 cigars on hand, as more than that may cause some congestion.

And while it looks great, it doesn’t function well. That is my main qualm with it. It is not waterproof, as several other devices in this price range are. 

Furthermore, it does not retain humidity for lengthy periods. With that in mind, make sure you only use it as a travel humidor because using it as a traditional humidor box that can retain your cigars for months, if not years, might destroy them.


  • Stunning leather
  • On the interior, cedar wood
  • Available in black and brown leather.
  • It has a capacity of 12-16 cigars.
  • Integrated hygrometer
  • Very low cost


  • Waterproofing is not possible.
  • It is not airtight.
  • It does not retain humidity effectively over lengthy periods of time.

CiTree Travel Humidor for Cigars

The CiTree Cigar Travel Humidor is another lovely cigar box with a little different shape. It has many accessories, a spacious cabin, and a fantastic leather wrap. While this is a lot superior humidor than Scotte models, it is also significantly more costly. Furthermore, it does not have a large capacity, making it a more portable option.

On the outside, this humidor box is available in three leather colors: brown, black, and black crocodile designs. All three look great, but the black crocodile leather elevates the humidor to another level. It has a more classic look inside, with a hardwood cedar box. 

On the bottom, you’ll find a cigar rack that can hold up to 5 different cigars. Dividers and a leather strap restrict the cigars from sliding about while you’re on the go. The box’s top side has three pockets: one for a lighter, one for a cigar cutter, and one for a humidity pack.

The cigar lighter and cutter are both included in the package, which is a nice touch and one of the reasons this humidor costs a little more than the others. The humidifier slot is intended to be used with Boveda’s humidity packs, which are unique in their ability to maintain a constant RH. 

However, because the box is not airtight nor waterproof, it will struggle to maintain a steady humidity level over lengthy periods.


  • Amazing appearances
  • There are three leather variations available.
  • There are 5 cigar slots and a leather strap.
  • It includes a cigar cutter and a lighter.
  • It has a compartment for a Boveda humidity pack.
  • It is simple to use and transport.
  • The most desirable Spanish cedar lining
  • The unit comes with an effective humidifying system.
  • The unit ensures great air circulation that helps in keeping your cigar fresh for months.


  • Extremely costly
  • It lacks a hygrometer.
  • It is neither airtight nor waterproof.

AMANCY Travel Leather Cigar Humidor Case Portable

The Amancy Portable Leather Cigar Humidor Case is a model that is remarkably similar to the Scotte humidor that we tested. 

However, because it is smaller, it is significantly more practical and easy to utilize in the actual world. Because of its reduced size, it fits more easily into your luggage and is a much better partner on the golf course. Speaking of gold, if you want to surprise some of your friends, the business also sells a humidor that looks like a golf bag!

While the capacity is just about 5 cigars, this humidor has a high build quality. The interior of the cedar box is lined with luxurious black leather. Brown leather is not possible, at least not in this form factor. The brand’s brown leather variants have various forms and contain fewer cigars.

A built-in hygrometer is located on the top cap as an accessory. It isn’t the most precise analog hygrometer on the market, but it does the job. On the inside, you also receive a lengthy humidifier and a dropper.


  • Elegant style
  • Interior made of cedar wood
  • Integrated hygrometer
  • Simple to transport
  • Durable
  • Excellent value for money


  • Not waterproof
  • Not completely airtight

Travel Humidor by Xikar

The Xikar travel humidor is one of the most serious gadgets on the market, allowing you to place your cigars in a box that will safeguard them. 

It comprises crushproof ABS-molded plastic and has a stainless steel back hinge and two heavy-duty front locks. A molded lock ring keeps the environment airtight and waterproof, while high-density urethane foam on the inside cradles your cigars. Each model has a tiny humidifier (usually a puck) or a Boveda pack.

The box’s interior has cushioning that will assist hold the cigars in place, and you will discover that you can use this product for only a few smokes that need to be put into your back. The box is simple to seal, and it’s a useful item to have when you want to pack your cigars along with your other things on a trip.

Some might say the foam is not shaped to fit the cigar is the downside. But I think it’s both a pro and a con. If you have a larger gauge cigar, this might be something you can use to fit those, say a 60 gauge.

But if you are traveling and have smaller cigars, it won’t be in place and might move around. As long as the humidity inside is kept well, you shouldn’t see too much rubbing, causing the cigars to break from the traction.


  • Airtight, waterproof, and crush proof
  • Holds up to ten cigars.
  • Zips up and closes easily.


  • There is no humidifier ring.
  • The foam has not been molded.

Volenx Leather Cigar Case with 3 Travel Cigar Humidor Tubes

VolenX is a brand that specializes in one-of-a-kind and fashionable cigar goods. Their leather cigar box is one of this list’s most visually appealing models. All of this is due to the leather exterior and luxury feel. 

However, this case has some drawbacks, which is why it is a little lower on my list. Still, for the price, it’s difficult to find competing products with this much style.

This leather cigar case, unlike others, does not have a wooden interior. Instead, it’s all made of real leather. The leather features a crocodile design that adds to its luxury. 

Because leather isn’t the best material for maintaining humidity, you should be aware that this case won’t keep your cigars fresh for more than a few days. It protects them if you put them in your luggage for a short trip or take them to the golf course. Aside from that, this is one of the worst solutions for storing your cigars without them getting destroyed.

No size or color alternatives are available here, which is a shame because black leather would have looked great with this case. It has three distinct compartments for each cigar and can accommodate large gauge cigars. 

Long cigars can also suit nicely. There is a little pocket on the exterior for a portable cigar cutter. This case comes with a stainless steel cutter, giving it an even greater value for money.

The VolenX Leather cigar case is one of the most visually appealing options available if you want to impress your friends. 

However, it has a restricted carrying capacity since it can only hold three cigars. It also does not retain humidity effectively. Still, given the price, and because you receive a bonus stainless steel cigar cutter, this is a great offer if you’re looking for something tiny and portable for shorter trips.


  • Genuine leather construction
  • It has a capacity of three cigars.
  • Lightweight
  • Complimentary cigar cutter
  • Design is compact.
  • Reasonably priced


  • It does not include a humidifier.
  • It does not include a hygrometer.
  • It does not retain humidity effectively.

Scotte Cigar Humidor for Travel 

One of my favorite models this year is the Scotte Portable Travel Cigar Humidor Case. It has a lot of functions and is the only travel humidor you’ll need if you want something tiny and functional.

First and foremost, you will note that the unit’s appeal is fueled by its original leather composition. Furthermore, the 100 percent cedar wood lining is aesthetically pleasing and allows you to preserve your cigars safely and without infection.

In many aspects, it mirrors the design of the CiTree travel case, but it is far less expensive and far more visually appealing. The construction quality is one area where it falls short of the CiTree humidor, but it is about the only significant disadvantage I could discover.

On the outside, this case is covered in stunning ostrich-pattern leather that is unlike anything else on the market. The leather case zips closed and wraps around a cedar wood humidor box. 

There are four distinct slots inside the box. Another minor disadvantage is that some identical boxes may contain up to 5 cigars. In any case, there are pockets for your cigar cutter and lighter and a leather strap to keep the cigars in place.

A humidifier box is located beneath the two little pockets. It comes in a packet and is quite simple to remove and replace once you’ve moisturized it. A built-in hygrometer is incorporated into the box’s wall. 

Even though it is analog, it provides precise measurements of what is happening within the box. The box itself is neither airtight nor waterproof, so don’t use it as a full-fledged cigar humidor but rather as a travel case good for up to a week or two.


  • It looks lovely.
  • Inside the cedar box
  • There is a strap for the cigars.
  • It includes a cigar cutter.
  • Has an analog hygrometer built in
  • Humidifier that is simple to use
  • Fits four cigars
  • Inner pocket with a zipper


  • A little pricey
  • Only 4 cigars can be stored.
  • It is not airtight.
  • Doesn’t keep humidity as long as a standard humidor.
  • There is no travel handle.
  • Incompetent cigar cutter

Cigar Caddy 3400-R Blaze 5 Cigar Waterproof Travel Humidor

The Cigar Caddy case isn’t just about appearances; it also works admirably. Compared to other leather travel cigar boxes, it is completely waterproof, shockproof, and has a very tight seal. It includes a built-in humidifier on the interior and can hold a significant amount of humidity. 

The humidifier works by adding a few drops of water and allowing your cigars to remain inside. However, I would have preferred if there had been a hygrometer to provide me with interior readings at any time.

Capacity is adequate for 5 Churchill cigars with extra left over for an accessory. In terms of accessories, it lacks cigar cutters and lighters, making it a slightly poorer value for money when compared to Flauno and Mrs. Brog models. 

Furthermore, there are no size options, which is something I would want to see in the future. Last but not least, unlike similar models, this one has stainless steel latch hinges, which are significantly stronger and provide a better seal.

Regarding performance, these stiff ABS-plastic models have virtually little competition on the market aside from themselves. 

That is also true of the Cigar Caddy 3400-R. It is eye-catching, simple to use, and above all, it will preserve your smokes better than nearly anything else on the market. If you don’t mind the appearance of these cigar cases, I recommend trying one on your next trip and seeing how remarkable they are!


  • Waterproof to a depth of one hundred feet
  • It has a capacity of five cigars.
  • The humidifier CD is included.
  • Case that is crushproof
  • Colors that are visually appealing
  • Low cost


  • It is not possible to adjust the temperature precisely.
  • Humidifier discs must be changed or rehydrated on a regular basis.
  • It does not include a hygrometer.

Travel Cigar Humidor Cigar Caddy 3240

As we go from portable to roomy 10-cigar cases, the Cigar Caddy 3240 travel cigar humidor is a good moment to introduce it. This box gives more than you pay for at the price of a standard 3-stogie box. Let’s see if it meets your requirements!

Starting with the aesthetic, this product has a direct and easygoing appeal. Although it may not appeal to the most ardent fans, it is a true treat for everyone who appreciates simplistic designs. In contrast to the leather-coated cases, the Cigar Caddy humidor has a matte black fiber frame with a gold brand emblem that looks good enough.

Don’t be fooled by its modest appearance; this product exceeds our classics in terms of convenience. The capacity to float on water is, without a doubt, its most crucial attribute. Accidents are likely to occur when traveling due to ignorance, which is why the brand has designed it waterproof and floatable!

This product’s durability is unrivaled, as the strong casing can survive extreme wear and tear to safeguard your stogies in the long term. Not only that, but the box is completely airtight, which aids in retaining the scent of your Churchill cigars. Not only that, but the humidifier disc in the lid makes it easier to protect your stogies.

Other significant characteristics are steel latch hinges, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to producing long-lasting and robust items. Overall, it’s one of our top picks for bargain seekers seeking the best deals.

Because it is such a low-cost item, expecting it to be faultless is unrealistic. Similarly, we’re concerned about the chemical stench emanating from the foam cushioning, which may infuse your grass.


  • Airtight seal for security
  • Can hold up to ten cigars at once.
  • Design that is straightforward
  • Air pressure release system based on coins
  • Can hold up to 10 cigars
  • Locking clasps that are detachable
  • Latch hinges made of stainless steel


  • The chemical odor from the foam padding
  • The plastic loop might snap.
  • Clasps might fail.

LifePod Humidor Cigar Lock Box by Vaultek

The Vaultek LifePod Humidor Cigar Lock Box is the last but not least item on this list. This one is very different from everything else we’ve talked about so far, so buckle up because there are a lot of features to go over.

The LifePod comprises tough composite materials on the outside, making it waterproof, shockproof, and entirely airtight when closed. And, despite its size, it isn’t as heavy as you might think. It features a small shape that allows it to fit into your luggage easily.

When opening it, you have many options at your disposal. For one thing, you can open it with the keys that come with it. You receive two of these keys, which are important in case the battery dies and you need the means to get to it. You can also enter your unique 4-8 digit code using the backlit capacitive keypad. Finally, you may utilize the biometric scanner to gain quick access by scanning a pre-installed fingerprint.

On the inside, you’ll discover a lovely cedarwood box. A lid organizer and a leather strap for the cigars are on top. In the mesh pocket, you may store items like humidifying packs or other smoking equipment.

Bluetooth connection and the app are two very revolutionary features here. Now, I won’t go into great detail, but this case can briefly detect changes in its surroundings and regulate the interior humidity accordingly. It can also detect temperature changes and immediately warn you via the app. This allows you to keep a close eye on the box’s contents and prevent damaging your cigars.

The LifePod can hold up to 15 people when the cigars are stacked. However, I believe the perfect amount of cigars to put in the tray is 8, as they will all have their spot. A leather strap will go over them and hold them secure. On the top lid, you’ll also find pockets for any accessories you’ve chosen to bring with you, such as a lighter or a cutter. 

In a nutshell, this is the best of the crop in terms of both technology and cigar protection. If you can afford it, you should not hesitate to get this travel case!


  • Design and functionality that are unique
  • Authentication using biometrics
  • Integrated locking system
  • Has a lid that can be arranged and has a PIN that can be up to 8 digits long.
  • Cigar tray made of Spanish cedar
  • Waterproof
  • Is there a Bluetooth app?


  • Extremely costly
  • It doesn’t hold a lot of cigars.
  • It is powered by batteries.
  • When compared to other travel humidors, this one is bulky and hefty.

Cigar Caddy 3540 Travel Cigar Humidor

The Cigar Caddy Travel Humidor has a lot of storage capacity and serves as a one-stop shop for keeping all of your cigars fresh.

Given that it carries a lot of muscle, you’ll realize immediately that it’s well-built. Due to the molded plastic structure, your cigars will be safe even if the case comes into touch with water. The plastic prevents it from sinking and keeps it afloat for further protection.

Along with the buoyancy, the stainless-steel clasp ensures that the cigars are housed in an airtight chamber, preventing outside factors from entering. Furthermore, it is rust resistant, which gives much-needed durability for daily usage.

It also has two detachable clasps, contributing to its longevity while making it flexible. 

Aside from this, there’s also a humidifier to keep your cigars from drying out after too long under the tight seal. The major boost, though, is in capacity since it can easily accommodate up to 40 Churchill cigars.

The unit’s issue is that it has shallow niches and a lengthy gasket, which may make it difficult to put cigars. Because you can’t vary the size of the slots or gaskets, you’ll have to make changes to the cigars that many customers won’t like.


  • Durable
  • It has a capacity of 40 Churchill cigars.
  • a watertight seal
  • Two detachable clasps
  • include a humidifier


  • Narrow niches
  • a lengthy gasket

Largest Travel Humidor Xikar 50-80

The Xikar 50-80 travel humidor is an ideal alternative if you need to move a large number of cigars. The high-density urethane foam gently protects your cigars by being crushproof and airtight.

We’d replace the foam humidifier that came with it with a couple of 60g Boveda packets. Remember to utilize one for every 25 cigar capacities, as stated previously. Aside from that, this is most likely the greatest heavy-duty travel humidor for huge volumes.

Most individuals who would be interested in purchasing this prefer to smoke a 60-gauge cigar. If you have a 60-ring gauge cigar, it will not fit in the slot given. Thus you may either remove the foam or use it for cushioning rather than fitting cigars exactly.

This suits me because I travel for months at a time. However, if you’re searching for a humidor for your house, you may use this both at home and on the road.


  • ABS molded plastic architecture is extremely robust.
  • Stainless steel locking mechanisms provide security.
  • Urethane foam with a high density
  • Valve for pressure alleviation
  • Crushproof, airtight, and waterproof


  • Doesn’t hold 80

Buyer’s Guide for Travel Humidors

Cigar enthusiasts frequently use humidors to keep many cigars fresh. So, if you have a lot of cigars and don’t know how to store them properly, or if you want to keep their taste fresh or mature, a humidor is a great solution. 

Of course, cigar humidor coolers are also a great option because they provide better climate control. 

However, because these coolers are relatively new to the cigar business, most smokers continue with a traditional humidor to preserve their cigar’s taste fresh.

Cigars must be stored at the proper temperature to avoid staleness and mold growth and keep the tobacco from drying out. A basic humidor is usually a good choice, but most versions are not portable. 

Fortunately, with the increasing popularity of cigar smoking, more and more manufacturers are releasing travel-sized versions that will allow you to take your cigars with you on vacation, to work, or for a fun game of golf.

Travel Humidor Advantages

Travel humidors must meet certain specifications to work properly.

They must provide an airtight seal to produce the proper internal climate. They will not keep the moisture delivered by the humidifier if they are not airtight.

Furthermore, the humidor should be made of lightweight, portable materials. However, the materials must be strong enough to withstand shocks or be crushed.

Superior travel humidors, on the other hand, are not only exceedingly crushproof but also waterproof. After all, you never know what can happen while you’re traveling, and it’s a reassuring feature if you’re going to the beach.

All travel humidors should have sturdy locks to avoid accidental openings while being carried or stored in luggage. Meanwhile, some higher-end humidors will include locking systems with combinations or keys, allowing them to be safely kept without worrying about wandering sticks.

Finally, some nicer, more complex travel humidors will have air travel safety valves. Because you may be leaving them in your checked luggage, you can open the valve ahead of time to prevent the box from breaking under low pressure.

Drawbacks of Travel Humidors

To be sure, travel humidors aren’t always perfect, which is why we don’t advocate them for long-term storage. Few of the travel humidors we’ve tested have truly airtight seals because they’re essentially hard cases with added rubber seals.

As a result, they tend to underperform and are only worthwhile if you intend to enjoy the cigars soon rather than later. However, this does not always apply to all travel humidors; some excellent options are on the market. Just be sure you’re getting quality rather than an appealing look or a low price.

Another typical issue with travel humidors is their limited storage space compared to their size. Regrettably, this is partially due to necessity.

To protect and cushion the cigars, most travel humidors are packed with Ester, Polyethylene, or 

Pro-Cell foam. However, this is a double-edged sword because it leaves little room for cigars, let alone the humidifier or hygrometer!

Nonetheless, the foam serves a crucial purpose: it keeps the cigars from moving around inside the container and damaging one another.

Nonetheless, this may occasionally result in the insufficient room for your cigars. As a result, folks may attempt to overfill their travel humidors, and we may crush them from the inside!

Look for the Following Features

Because there are so many portable humidors on the market, finding one will be difficult. This part will look at the different aspects that contribute to a solid model. Here are some of the key qualities to look for when purchasing a new travel humidor:


The most significant advantage of storing cigars in a humidor, especially when traveling, is that they can keep your smoke taste fresh wherever you go. 

However, to keep your cigars fresh while you’re on the go, you’ll need a hygrometer and humidifier case. Most humidifiers operate by preserving cigars as long as they have a correct seal design and are built of high-quality materials.

Travel humidors are frequently graded based on their capacity to keep your cigars moist and fresh. This is frequently determined by how effectively they can seal. Cases usually feature robust clamps and insulation to keep the inner RH levels stable without losing too much. 

Leather cases are significantly worse at retaining humidity. They are, however, more suited to brief periods in which you take your cigars with you on much shorter journeys.

Examine the Foam Type

Although it is not a critical feature, it is worth inspecting the foam material insulating the travel humidor. As previously stated, they can be made of the three materials listed below:

  1. Ester: Ester, maybe the best cigar foam, provides a fantastic cushion that protects delicate things that can break under impact. Its cushioning is flexible, allowing it to store things of varying shapes.
  2. Polyethylene: This is a suitable foam for most applications since it absorbs more shock than Ester and is designed for heavier things.
  3. Pro-Cell: Pro-Cell is preferable for screens because of its polished finish. It’s softer than the other foams yet surprisingly substantial.

The foam also comes in a variety of cuts and forms. You may choose foams with a flat finish, ideal for smaller, flatter humidors. Otherwise, the convoluted, egg-crate-shaped foam provides more protection.

Some travel humidors may feature piped foam to provide a pre-shaped spot to place your cigars.


Your tool must be tough enough to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. It will have to cope with hot and damp temperatures as a travel humidor, which might ruin your cigars. It should come as no surprise that only high-quality materials should be used to build your cigars to ensure their safety and longevity.

Purchasing any humidor is an investment, and you cannot afford to spend time or money on a new one regularly. You must appreciate both the product and the components that come with it for an extended period.

Manufacturers cannot afford to make any concessions in this area. As a result, simply having a steel or leather structure is insufficient. To be the ideal storage place, it must be rust-resistant, waterproof, airtight, and dustproof.


Cigars come in various sizes, but that doesn’t mean the designers must sacrifice any travel humidor’s capacity. The basic goal of any unit is to care for your cigars properly.

 Of course, every instrument is limited to how many cigars it can hold, but it shouldn’t be too high or too low.

It must provide adequate storage, but not at the expense of disregarding other features. It should be constructed so you can easily transport many cigars when traveling. In addition, the case should be adaptable enough to accept different sizes.

It is pointless to have a large amount of storage if the consumers find it difficult to maintain quality. 

Rather, every excellent model must start with the essentials and add the elements required to offer superior performance.


It must be portable so you can enjoy a cigar whenever the mood strikes. After a week or more of hard work, you may wish to relax by traveling to a friend’s house, camping, or even going on vacation. The travel humidor should be readily transportable and not inconvenient.

It should not be difficult to fit into your luggage, pocket, or automobile. While the humidor addresses the problem of where to store your cigars, you shouldn’t have to worry about how to transport the humidor. It must be large enough to hold numerous cigars but not so huge that it becomes difficult to transport on your trips.


Humidors are available in a broad range of styles these days. These gadgets are built of various materials, including plastic, nylon, wood, and leather. 

Fortunately, high-quality wood, plastic, nylon, and leather cases are quite durable. When purchasing one, remember the setting in which you will be playing. If you reside in a humid region, you’ll want a model that provides superior protection.

Regarding shape, travel humidors can take the form of a box or a compact case that can hold 2-3 cigars. Boxes feature stronger clamps and space for humidifiers, whereas leather cases usually do not.


Most recent models include everything you’ll need to start your new cigar passion. The better versions will allow you to keep a wide range of cigars and include great cigar cutters. Some also include modest storage areas for cigar lighters and other supplies.


A travel-friendly model may be the best option if you can’t afford a full-size humidor. A portable model with a capacity of four to eight cigars can be purchased for around $50. 

Of course, the craftsmanship and materials utilized will influence how effectively a travel-friendly model protects your smokes.


If you’re new to cigar smoking, you might have observed that some of your friends keep their cigars in compact travel tubes that fit nicely into their pockets. These cases are ideal if you only need to carry one cigar for a short round. Of course, if you plan on sharing with friends or making a day of it out on the course, you may require something larger.

Some portable humidors are much larger and have handles that allow you to easily transport them from hole to hole. These larger models can contain ten to twelve cigars, but you may also find those that can carry twenty or more.


Spanish cedar will be used to line a high-quality casing. Almost all high-end travel versions will have cedar lining. Of course, Spanish cedar is the finest option since it regulates moisture naturally. 

Some cigar aficionados believe that cedar enhances the flavor of the cigar. However, it is well known that keeping your cigars in a cedar-lined humidor can also affect the taste, causing the cigars to taste rather harshly. 

Leather is another popular material for the lining of high-end humidor boxes. Speaking about which…

Design of the Exterior

Most cigar enthusiasts will choose versions with real leather on the case’s exterior. The material used on the outside is just as significant as the material used on the inside. You’ll want to pick a case made of a long-lasting, high-quality material that keeps moisture out. 

Furthermore, the material utilized for the outside should be able to aid in heat retention.

If you want a scratch-resistant and waterproof case, you should go for a sealed wood case, one made of carbon or plastic.


Although it is not an essential requirement, several businesses provide a variety of useful extras to entice customers. Most of them come with a stainless steel cutter that aids in the preparation of the cigar, saving you money. Some businesses even go so far as to sell butane torch lighters at exorbitant prices.


Many large producers will add a guarantee or warranty to ensure that the cigars stay fresh and safe. Although not every humidor comes with a guarantee, many larger manufacturers will provide at least a one-year limited warranty in the case of a manufacturing problem. Some providers will even provide a money-back guarantee for 90 days if the humidor fails to keep your cigars fresh.

Purchase More Than Is Necessary

Finally, as we’ve already stated, travel humidors have a deceptively modest storage capacity compared to their size. As a result, it’s always a good idea to keep this in mind while shopping for a travel humidor.

For starters, its stated count capacity may relate to lesser vitolas than you want to carry. It’s rather disheartening to discover that your case can only handle 5 robustos when you need to travel 6 Churchills!

Second, you may only want to bring a few when purchasing the humidor. However, in the future, you may want to carry even more. Unless you intend to purchase a new travel humidor for each potential circumstance, consider purchasing one that can hold more than you require.

Finally, it is important not to overfill a portable humidor. If the foam is compressed too tightly, it will absorb shock but put undue pressure on the cigars. If you’re not cautious, an overstuffed travel humidor might shatter the cigars!

Making Use of Boveda Packs in a Travel Humidor

Placing a Boveda pack in your travel humidor is the simplest and safest way to travel with cigars. Depending on how many cigars you’re keeping, Boveda packets can last anywhere from 2 to 6 months.

A single 60-gram pack is adequate to humidify 25 cigars, but there are smaller 8-gram packs available to humidify a lesser number of cigars — and take up less room in your travel humidor.

When using Boveda, you may select a humidity level ranging from 62 percent RH to 72 percent RH. The most significant advantage of Boveda is that you do not need to add water or monitor your humidity level.

Simply drop a pack in with your smokes, close your travel humidor, and go. Boveda’s innovative two-way humidity management distributes a predefined RH, and the packs will not harm your cigars if they come into contact with them.

Propylene Glycol & Distilled Water Travel Humidor

If your travel humidor comes with a humidifier, fill it with propylene glycol solution or distilled water. The type of water used in a humidor is important.

If you use undistilled bottled water or tap water, you risk introducing mold into your cigars. Soak the humidifier in distilled water or inject enough propylene glycol into the sponge to fill it without causing a puddle within the humidor.

You just need enough to keep your cigars at a consistent humidity level for the duration of your journey. While a hygrometer is good for measuring humidity, it is not always easy to maintain a hygrometer in the limited area most travel humidors provide.

If you have time, use a digital hygrometer to check the humidity in your travel humidor before putting your cigars inside. After achieving a consistent RH of 70% for a few days, you should be able to store your cigars inside.

If you replenish the humidifier before leaving, your cigars should stay fresh for a few days or weeks. If you’re going to be gone for an extended period, refill the humidifier with distilled water.


Some factors must be considered when selecting a suitable cigar humidor for travel. This will guarantee that you purchase a proper one to keep your cigars fresh for longer.

One of the aspects to consider is the material, which applies to the interior and exterior. 

The exteriors of leather, PU, or fabric serve as insulating layers to ensure optimal interior conditions.

The humidor size should be suitable for packing your baggage without too much difficulty. You want a portable humidor to carry in your backpack for easy access.

Furthermore, the capacity controls how many cigars you may hold at one time. If traveling on a lengthy journey, you should acquire a humidor to keep as many cigars as you need.

Humidifiers and hygrometers are necessary accessories that increase the value and usefulness of your humidor. If you don’t have these accessories, you should look for a portable humidor that has them built in.

This ensures that the cigars remain in the best possible condition throughout. The examples above are some of the greatest traveling cigar humidors for your next vacation. They all fulfill quality requirements and keep your cigars fresh throughout.

How long may cigars be stored in a Ziploc bag?

Unwrapped cigars in a Ziploc bag will be kept for 2 to 3 days. You can store them in your bag, but try to keep them out of direct sunlight. The plastic may keep them from drying out for a few days, but it will not keep them from being smashed by whatever is moving about in your luggage.

Consider One-Year Boveda Humidor Bag instead.

As a recommended travel option, the One-Year Boveda Humidor Bag. This is one of our favorite and least expensive ways to keep cigars when traveling properly.

Because they come in various sizes, you can keep everything from a few cigars to a couple of boxes in a single bag. When traveling with complete boxes, just put them into a bigger bag, which is safe in and of itself.

If you only have a few cigars, place them in a smaller bag and then place the bag in a tougher box for protection. This is not only enough but also provides a better climate for your cigars than other travel humidors.

Finally, despite their look, Boveda bags aren’t just branded ziplock bags with a Boveda pack attached. They are, in reality, composed of barrier-laminated plastic with an airtight enclosure. Meanwhile, standard ziplock bags lose moisture over time and aren’t as dependable as we’d like to believe.

Otherwise, you may consider bringing a tiny Tupperware when traveling. While less appealing, it is unquestionably less expensive and more effective than the bulk of travel humidors on the market.

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