Cigar smoking is famous for its style and fashion. If a cigar is not properly smoked then it cannot be enjoyed to its fullest. “A cigar is as good as memories that you have when you smoked it,” said Raul Julia, a famous actor.

To smoke a cigar, first it needs to be cut at the proper end, lit using a proper flame and smoked keeping in consideration the health effects. It is also necessary to have certain cigar accessories to enjoy smoking a cigar.

Cutting a Cigar

All cigars have a head end (closest to the label) which goes into mouth, while the foot end is lit for smoking purpose. The head end needs to be properly cut before smoking. Cigars are cut using a thumb-nail, guillotine cutters (available in both single and double blade), cigar scissors or table-top cutters.

All of these serve the same purpose of cutting the head end of cigar, but they do differ in the quality and ease of cut. Guillotine cutters are portable. It is advisable to not use wedge cutters because they can damage the cigar. Proper cut is necessary in a cigar or it may unravel the cigar or produce bad flavour.

Lighting a Cigar

The cigar is lit at the foot end. Cigars should be lit using a butane lighter or wooden matches. The cigar is kept horizontal and continuously revolved while lighting. The cigar end should be kept about half an inch away from the flame, and drawn to burn the cigar end evenly.

Lighting a cigar using simple lighters is advisable and fluid filled lighters and paper matches should be avoided as they can change the flavour to unpleasant and bitter.

Smoking a Cigar

The smoke is drawn into the mouth through the head end. To experience smoking a cigar, it is not necessary to inhale the smoke into the lungs. Smoke is drawn into the mouth and twirled before releasing through nose or mouth. In a cigar, the concentration of nicotine is enough to be absorbed through the mouth skin into the blood. Inhaling smoke into the lungs can be harmful.

Extinguishing a Cigar

A cigar, if left unattended, naturally gets extinguished, unlike cigarettes which keep on burning. For relighting the cigar, it is necessary to clean the cigar completely of remaining ash before relighting. When the cigar has burnt about three-quarters down, it starts emitting strong smoke. The taste slowly turns bitter and dry. This means it is the time to go for a new cigar. The cigar should not be extinguished at this time. It should be left as it is in ash tray and thrown away when it is extinguished. Deliberately trying to extinguish a cigar can result in a foul odour.

Storing a Cigar – Cigar Humidors

Cigars are stored in humidors, where they are kept in controlled humidity and temperatures. Ideally, cigars should be kept at 60 to 70 percent humidity at room temperature. Cigars can be stored for a number of years in cigar humidors.