Single vs. Double vs. Triple Torch Lighters: Power Showdown for the Perfect Cigar Burn

smoking a cigar by jay | Posted on May 6th, 2024

Serious cigar aficionados know that a satisfying smoke starts with the perfect light. Toasting your cigar’s foot correctly is essential for an even burn and to ensure you draw the most out of your cigar’s rich flavors. Butane torch lighters are the champion of achieving that initial burn, but choosing between single, double, or triple flames can be a bit overwhelming. Let’s break it down.

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The Contenders

  • Single Torch Flame: The classic and precise option. A single torch flame delivers a focused, pinpoint stream of heat ideal for touch-ups, smaller cigars, or carefully lighting in windy conditions.
  • Double Torch Flame: A powerful upgrade. Two torch flames combine to offer a wider heating area, better for medium to large cigars while still offering some precision compared to a triple torch.
  • Triple Torch Flame: The heavy hitter. With three or more flames, these lighters create the widest heating area, making them the fastest choice for thick cigars or toasting cigars in less-than-ideal outdoor situations.

The Match-Up: Which is Right for You?

To truly find the right lighter for your cigar needs, let’s go beyond the basics:

Lighting Technique Matters

The way you light your cigar determines if flame count is as critical. Those who prefer slowly rotating their cigar while toasting the foot to get an even ember can achieve excellent results with a single or double torch, regardless of size. Triple torches are best for those who want a quick light or favor a stationary toasting method.

Patience vs Speed

Do you savor the ritual of a slow warming of the tobacco? A single torch encourages this experience. If you’re time-pressed or just prefer a quicker start to your cigar, the added flames of double and triple torches significantly cut down on the initial light time.

Burn Control

While precision matters less when initially toasting, it’s vital for touch-ups later in your smoke. If you find yourself struggling with uneven burns, a single torch provides the most control to char those problem areas without scorching the entire cigar.

Fuel Usage

If you’re a frequent cigar smoker, consider the fuel-efficiency implications. Single torch lighters burn through butane at a far slower rate than their multi-flame counterparts. This can be a deciding factor for those who smoke often and don’t want the inconvenience of frequent refills.

Price and Availability

Budget matters. Mention that single torch lighters are generally the most affordable, while good quality triples can be more of an investment. Also, certain brands or styles may be easier to acquire than others.

Design and Ergonomics

These play a role in how comfortable a lighter feels in your hand. Larger lighters (typically triple torches) might not be ideal for those with smaller hands. Consider if the button layout and flame angle work for how you like to light a cigar.

Additional Features

Some lighters come with built-in cigar punches, fuel-level windows, or unique finishes. While these aren’t flame-related, they could sway a decision if a buyer is torn between two models.

The Fun Factor

Let’s be honest, there’s something undeniably cool about the sheer power of triple torch lighters. If you like a bit of flair in your cigar accessories, the triple torch’s blazing flames can certainly add a touch of excitement.

Making the Final Call

Analyze these additional points alongside your cigar habits and preferences. If you’re still unsure, here’s a good rule of thumb:

  • Casual smokers of all cigar sizes: A single torch is a great foundation.
  • Frequent cigar enjoyers with a mix of sizes: Opt for a dependable double torch.
  • Big cigar enthusiasts seeking the fastest light or windy condition warriors: Unleash the power of the triple torch.

Pros and Cons: A Quick Look

Lighter TypeProsCons
Single TorchPrecise, good in wind, fuel-efficientSlower toasting on large cigars
Double TorchFaster toasting, versatileLess precise than single, uses more fuel
Triple TorchFastest light, powerful in windLeast precise, highest fuel consumption

The Verdict

There isn’t a single ‘best’ lighter. The optimal torch lighter depends on your cigar habits and how you prefer to enjoy your smoke. If you’re exploring different cigar sizes, a solid double torch lighter offers a great blend of speed and versatility. However, there’s something satisfying about the raw power of a triple torch if you find yourself mostly enjoying those hefty, celebratory cigars.

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