Things to Do While Enjoying a Cigar Outside

smoking a cigar by jay | Updated on September 3rd, 2022

If you enjoy being outside, there are numerous activities that you may combine with a nice cigar. With warmer weather on the way, you won’t have to battle the elements to enjoy a cigar.

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If your local lounge is closed and you don’t have a proper man cave to smoke in at home, these are the best outdoor activities to enjoy when you want to indulge in a premium cigar. Put a couple of cigars in your glovebox or backpack the next time you leave the house.

Smoking and walking

Having diabetes is no joke. I love walking around my neighborhood and smoking at the same time. While some don’t think this is something relaxing, I enjoy every minute of it. My blood pressure would rise by smoking a cigar, but walking helps! Plus, I get to think about stuff, so it’s not the dual purpose; it’s multipurpose!

On the Golf Course

Smoking a cigar on the greens is pleasant whether you play golf as a leisurely pastime or as rage and whip your clubs about like helicopter blades. Cigars promote a calm disposition in nearly any situation, especially during golfing.

Invest in a cigar holder that you can attach to your golf cart or stick on the ground, and you’ll have plenty of time to focus on your next stroke. When you’ve got 18 holes ahead, crack open a Churchill cigar.

Grilling, BBQing, Smoking

It’s a great time to smoke a cigar while hovering over a stack of red-hot charcoals as the steaks begin to sizzle. Smoke is already blowing in all directions, making it difficult for spectators to argue that the sweet perfume of your cigar is ruining their afternoon. Put another rack of ribs on the grill and break open a cool beer while puffing on a cigar.

Yard Work & Cigars

You’ll need a cigar when you’re mowing the grass, raking leaves, cleaning the car, or painting the porch. The greatest yard cigars burn straight and taste well without breaking the bank. When you’re outside working on the landscaping, it’s best to smoke a cheap cigar that won’t make you cry if it falls off the ladder and drops into the grass.

Puff away in the Hammock in the Backyard

Cigars are ideal for relaxing in a lawn chair or a garden hammock with your favorite book. Spend an afternoon drinking a mojito while the smooth aroma of your cigar wafts over the air.

Campfire with a Good Cigar

After you’ve pitched the tent and created the bonfire, it’s time to open the cooler door and serve out some great handmade to go with the cold beer you’re enjoying with your friends. A decent cigar can also serve as a deterrent against bears when you’re out in the woods camping.

Great outdoors people are some of the most ardent fans you’ll ever encounter. While waiting for your prey to drop or reel in a big one, firing up in the fishing boat or a deer stand is a fun way to pass the time. Before you go hiking in the woods, or fly fishing, smoke a cigar.

In the Car, Smoke a Cigar

It’s debatable if being in your car counts as being outside, but you’re not in the home, so we’ll go with it. Although a leather interior is preferable for smoking in the car, you may always spray the seats with Febreze. Before you hit the throttle, crack the windows and slip a car ashtray into a cup holder. Lengthy drives and long cigars are a perfect marriage.

smoking a cigar


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