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Cigars of Habana – Cohiba, Montecristo, Partagas

Cuban cigars are considered the best cigars manufactured in the world by many cigar aficionados. But what makes Cuban cigars unique? Is it the flavor or richness of the cigar? Read on to find out why many consider the Cuban cigar the crème de la crème of cigars.

Why are Cuban Cigars Considered the Best?

  1. There are actually many reasons why Cuban cigars are considered the best. First of all, Cuba is where the cigar originated. Many of the cigar producers and cigar rollers go back many generations. Most premium cigars tobaccos that are produced in other countries are from Cuban seed. When the Cuban government nationalized the cigar industry in the early 1960’s, many cigar producers left the country. Known as the Cuban Exodus, these cigar producers brought Cuban seeds with them to set up shop in other countries.
  2. Cuban soil is yet another reason that Cuban cigar tobacco is considered the best in the cigar industry. Also the climate plays a major role in growing the ideal cigar tobacco. The high humidity, heat and plenty of sunny days are all factors for growing premium cigar tobaccos.
  3. Another factor is that all parts of a Cuban cigar come from Cuba, often from the same farm. There are three parts to a cigar, the filler, binder and wrapper. Many other premium cigar producers get the filler(s), binders and wrappers from other countries. Some cigar producers outside of Cuba, that have blended fillers, may have four or more countries that produce the tobaccos for a single cigar.

The Taste, Flavor and Strength of Premium Cuban Cigars

Within each brand, the size and type of a particular cigar can differ in flavor from one to the other. The following is a generality of the cigar brands flavor and taste.

  • Cohiba – The Cohiba cigar is often considered the best of the best by many cigar aficionados. It’s been said that the Cohiba is Castro’s favorite cigar. The Cohiba has a very unique flavor. It has a spicy flavor with hints of vanilla with a creamy taste. Depending on the size and brand, some have a woody earthy flavoring as well. There are 14 sizes and brands of Cuban Cohibas. Cohibas are on the stronger side.
  • Montecristo – The Montecristo was first produced in 1935 by the H. Upman Company. The Montecristo has a great aroma. They have some spicy notes, with hints of chocolate and coffee. Certain brands have an earthy woody flavor. There are 11 size and brands of Montecristos. The Cuban Montecristo is generally medium to full in strength.
  • Partagas – The Cuban Partagas was first introduced in 1827. The Partagas has a tangy spicy flavor. Depending in the brand there can be hints of chocolate and mocha. Some brands have a nice creamy flavor. The Partagas comes in 11 sizes and brands. The Cuban Partagas is full bodied and rich in flavor.

There are many other premium brands of Cuban cigars, each with their own unique flavors and characteristics. Generally Cuban cigars are stronger in flavor than cigars produced in other countries. Many cigar aficionados prefer the stronger flavors of Cuban cigars, but others prefer the milder cigars of some other nations like the Dominican cigar. Whether or not Cuban cigars are the best in the world really depends on the individual and their preferences in a cigar.

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