Picking the smoke

The thing most people seem to spend time on is picking out a good cigar. Do they want a light Connecticut shade, to have it nice and creamy? Or a dark Maduro, for a coffee and earthy flavor? Maybe something in the middle, like a Corojo or Habano, for some spice and cedar? Talk to the local tobacconist about this. If not, check out some cigar sites.

Sitting down

One of the best parts of this activity is sitting down during it. Finding a nice lounge to relax in and just smoke. The right environment is an important thing. I know many people who have had great cigars they did not like, mainly because they were smoking them in their garage. Let’s face it, people do not like cigar smoke indoors. It makes the air stale, and there is always someone to complain. So, a shop fixes those problems quickly. Good ventilation, and nobody complains. Someone not complaining is an important thing, for it helps the smoke be that much better.

Smoke in the mouth

When you are clipped, lit, and sitting down, it is important to take the cigar slowly. Treat it like a fine wine. You do not chug wine, beer maybe, but not wine. Same comparison can be made between cigars and cigarettes. You inhale cigarettes and just get the nicotine. You do not inhale cigars, and it is not for a nicotine fix. For this part I am going to use a Double Toro sized cigar (6″x60). The chart does not show that size, as it is not the most common, but it does give you an idea of how big it is. For a cigar that size, you want to puff about once a minute. Let the smoke stay in your mouth, for this helps the flavors soak into your tongue and cheeks.

Letting it all out

When you let the smoke out, press your tongue up against the roof of your mouth. This helps press flavor in, as if letting soup flow past. The flavors will come out more. As the smoke is release, notice the flavors that stay behind. These can be very simple, to very complex. To add to the flavor, be sure to breath in the smoke coming out, only through your nose. I have had cigars where they have a bitter aftertaste, but a sweet smoke with hints of almonds. Now, mix those make for a nice aftertaste.

Sip and puff

Much like a fine bourbon, cigars need to be cut with a beverage sometimes. People sometimes feel overwhelmed with flavor, or they want to add to it. Like a dark cigar and a brown soda work well. Some are very strong, and with those water is your best bet. It is like a very strong bourbon, where you add a little water to break it up and taste more. Same type of thing is going on with this. Now please note, do not dip your cigar in water.

Putting it out a cigar

People put cigars out by smashing the lit end into the ashtray. This is a bad idea. First of all, it is disgusting looking. It smears a bunch of charred tobacco everywhere. Second, the smell goes away. You want that little smoke to leave you with an aroma. And lastly, it burns longer. You push the ember into the tobacco further. What you want to do is to set it in the ashtray and just let it go out on its own. Less mess, more aroma, and goes out quicker. It is like a quick, little treat.

Writing it all down

Now you can keep a small journal about what you just had, and how you enjoyed it (or disliked it). Also note what you had with it, if anything. You don’t want to buy a bad stick twice. It is easy to forget names. So, note the brand, size, and cost with your notes.

These tips will help you have a fuller cigar smoking experience. Enjoy.