How to Fix Bad Breath from Cigar

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The flavor of your cigar is greatly affected by what you eat and drink before you light it. If you smoke after eating a salty meal, the aftertaste may persist longer than if you ate a balanced meal.

That’s because salt causes your taste buds to dry up, which boosts the likelihood that the flavor will stick around. This article will discuss some factors that worsen a cigar’s aftertaste and other steps you can take to avoid having that “cigarette breath”.

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Drinks that worsen bad breath

Certain drinks have been shown to worsen oral hygiene. If you cut back on these drinks, the foul breath from smoking won’t be compounded.

  • Coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Carbonated soft drinks and sodas
  • Juices with a high pH value, such as orange juice

Factors that worsen cigarette breath

The smoke particles give smokers a bad taste in their mouths. When inhaled, the particles settle in the mouth and nose, binding to the mucous membranes and the various soft tissues.

The more time they spend on the mouth’s surfaces, the more germs they can breed. Your breath will start to smell like cigarette smoke as the number of bacteria in your mouth increases. Here are other factors that trigger the occurrence of “cigarette breath.”

Consuming food before smoking

A salty meal might not be the best pairing if you enjoy a cigar. The flavor of your cigar, its aftertaste, and the smell of your breath will be substantially affected by what you ate or drank just before or during smoking.

Poor quality cigars

Cigar breath can also result from smoking subpar cigars. Tobacco that has not been matured properly results in unpleasant ammonia, bitter, and often metallic flavor in poorly made cigars.

Smoking too quickly

It’s not a good idea to smoke your cigar in one quick sitting since it will burn too quickly, taste too harsh, and leave a tarry film on your tongue. In addition to choosing a poorly seasoned cigar, smoking one too quickly might leave a bitter aftertaste. The combustion rate of a high-quality handmade cigar is controlled by its construction.

Smoking with a dry mouth

The flavor may linger if you smoke your cigar while your mouth is dry. While smoking, cleansing your palate with water or a fizzy drink can be helpful.

How to avoid bad breath after cigarette smoking

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Here are some steps to fix your problems with bad breath from cigarette smoking.

Brush and floss

The after-cigar taste can be quickly and easily removed with regular brushing and flossing. Because scraping the tongue is more successful than brushing at eradicating odor-causing microorganisms, some people use one after smoking cigars.

Use hydrogen peroxide as a gargle.

Others go beyond just brushing and rinsing, though. Gargle and swirl around a mixture of equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water.

Chew mints and gum

Although breath mints and gum are handy, they do little more than cover up the lingering smell of a cigar. Put in a couple of mints like Tic Tacs or Altoids.

Use mouthwash

If you regularly engage in cigar smoking, it’s a good idea to keep a tiny travel bottle of cigar odor remover. Cigar smokers often claim that using Listerine helps them avoid having cigar breath.

Enjoy a carbonated beverage.

To wash the taste of cigars off your mouth, drink something citrusy with a tinge of orange or lemon.

Make sure you drink enough water.

Cigar smoking produces acids in the mouth; drinking water can help neutralize these acids and improve breath. If your mouth is wet from drinking enough water, microorganisms that cause bad breath have a harder time reproducing. Hence, toxins and other waste products can be excreted from the body through water consumption.


Even if you smoke a high-quality cigar, there are still several factors at play that will leave you with an unpleasant aftertaste. The off flavor you’re experiencing may be due to something other than cigars, such as the meal you ate or a health issue you’re not aware of.

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