Anyone who has ever smoked a cigar will tell you that to get the best smoke out of a cigar you must care for it from the moment of purchase to the lighting of the cigar for smoking. If you purchase a cigar from a cigar shop but do not intend to smoke it right away you should care for it to keep its freshness from waning anytime soon.

The Humidor

Not every person who smokes cigars owns a humidor. Why? Humidors can be expensive, with some of the best ones running around $100-$200, making it difficult to purchase them when smoking cigars infrequently. If your cigar smoking hobby is a frequent one, you should consider investing in a humidor. A humidor helps keep cigars fresh and helps them last longer if you do not intend on smoking them as soon as they are purchased. A humidor can keep cigars fresh for a long, long time if the humidor is always working.

Humidors come in all shapes and sizes, including travel boxes and pieces of furniture. The smallest humidors are tabletop boxes that hold anywhere from 25-50 cigars at one time. The largest humidors are cabinets or pieces of furniture that can hold anywhere from 75-300 cigars at one time. Some cigar smokers, who enjoy this hobby almost seven days a week, will have one of the larger humidors in their home or office. The humidors that are pieces of furniture can be found in any color to match your furniture set and any size. They can be tables, cabinets, or built into bookshelves.

Cigar Carrying Cases

If you are so involved in your cigar hobby that you like to take two or three of them with wherever you go then purchasing a cigar carrying case is best. Instead of carrying your cigars around loose, where they can get lost or crushed in your pocket, put them in a cigar carrying case. These cases can be purchased for roughly $20-$30 depending on what they are made from. If they are leather you will have to shell out a couple more bucks.

Do Not Rush the Smoke

When smoking a cigar, make sure you have enough time to enjoy the whole cigar. Do not light up a cigar when you know that you will need to go out in 30 minutes’ time. Instead, make sure you have an hour or two set aside for you to enjoy the cigar. The worst feeling in the world is lighting up one of your best cigars and then having to get rid of it only halfway through because something came up. Sit down, grab a beverage, and enjoy the smoke to get the full effect and taste of the cigar.