6 Best Humidors for Beginners Reviewed

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Are you a cigar lover looking for the best way to store your precious smokes? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

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In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the best humidors for beginners. We’ll look at what makes a great humidor and how to choose one that perfectly suits your needs.

Why do I need one?

A humidor is an essential tool for any cigar enthusiast, as it will keep your cigars in the best condition for much longer than if kept in an ordinary container. Humidors help to maintain the right humidity level and temperature for cigars, which is important for preserving their flavor and aroma.

Humidity levels that are too low or too high can cause your cigars to dry out or become moldy, making them unusable. The right humidity level is between 65% and 72%, so having a humidor where you can control this is essential.

Additionally, humidors are great for displaying your collection of cigars, making them look more impressive.

Best Humidor for Beginners

Welcome to the world of cigar humidors! As a beginner, it cannot be easy to understand which humidor is best for you and your needs. You want something that will keep your cigars in perfect condition and won’t break the bank.

Prestige Import Group Cherry Wood Glass Top Cigar Humidor

The Prestige Import Group Cherry Wood Glass Top Cigar Humidor is a great option for cigar aficionados looking for a reliable way to store their cigars. This humidor is lined in Spanish cedar, which helps preserve the freshness of cigars for longer periods of time.

Additionally, this humidor can hold up to 100 cigars, so cigar enthusiasts will be able to store multiple cigars in one place. It also features a removable cedar tray and a gold-plated lock and key, making it easy to secure cigars while they’re stored in the humidor.

This humidor includes 3 adjustable dividers and has a high lacquer cherry ebony finish for an attractive look. Moreover, the contemporary low-profile stance and polished silver humidifier make this humidor a stylish and practical addition to any home.

With a lifetime guarantee and outstanding customer reviews available, the Prestige Import Group Cherry Wood Glass Top Cigar Humidor is an excellent choice for any cigar lover looking for an efficient way to store their cigars.

Case Elegance Renzo Glass Top Humidor

The Case Elegance Renzo Glass Top Humidor is the perfect choice for cigar lovers just starting. This premium humidor features a handsome dark walnut finish, glass top, front digital hygrometer, accessory storage drawer, Spanish cedar, magnetic enclosure, and patented Hydro System, which designed easily store your cigars at the ideal humidity.

This humidor also has an adjustable humidity control system and a hygrometer to measure the humidity levels inside accurately. The accessory storage drawer is great for storing cigar accessories like cutters and lighters. With all these features combined, the Case Elegance Renzo Glass Top Humidor is the perfect starter humidor for those just beginning to enjoy their cigars.

Capri Humidor

The Capri Humidor is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable, wallet-friendly humidor. This popular humidor is made of beautiful mahogany and comes with a SureSeal Technology lid seal to ensure proper closure. It also includes a round humidifier and a Spanish cedar divider lined with premium material.

The Capri is one of the best desktop humidors on the market and can store up to 25-50 cigars. Buyers can take advantage of this product’s discount pricing and free shipping. With its quality construction, affordable price, and ample storage space, the Capri Humidor is a great choice for any beginner cigar smoker.

Old Glory Humidor Supreme

The Old Glory Humidor Supreme is a stunning piece that features a weathered American Flag exterior. It has a 15 “x10 “x6.5” size, and with its QI’s SureSeal Technology, ensures a proper lid seal on closure. The Old Glory Humidor Supreme can hold up to 100 cigars and is perfect for beginning cigar connoisseurs looking for an attractive and reliable humidor.

It comes with a rectangular humidifier, an analog hygrometer, a Spanish cedar tray, and a divider.

The interior is lined with premium kiln-dried Spanish cedar, ensuring the perfect humidity level for your cigars. This humidor is the perfect option for cigar lovers who want to keep their precious cigars in optimal condition without spending too much money.

It is an excellent choice for beginners as it provides all of the necessary features for proper cigar storage and will help you maintain your cigars’ quality for years to come.

Rockefeller Humidor with Lid Cigar Display

The Rockefeller Humidor with Lid Cigar Display is a great choice for cigar enthusiasts looking for an attractive humidor that provides plenty of room. This solid hardwood humidor can hold up to 130 cigars and has a partitioned lid to display up to eleven 64-ring gauge cigars.

It also features a beautiful high gloss piano finish, rosewood, and exotic wood inlay. The Rockefeller Humidor is a great way to showcase your favorite cigars and is the perfect complement to the Case Elegance Renzo Glass Top Humidor, Old Glory Humidor Supreme, and the Gangway Humidor Supreme. Its classic design and ample storage space make it easy to see why the Rockefeller Humidor is a popular choice for cigar lovers.

Gangway Humidor Supreme

The Humidor Supreme Gangway Cigar Humidor by Quality Importers is the perfect choice for cigar connoisseurs. This beautiful nautical-themed humidor can hold up to 50 cigars, making it an ideal option for both amateur and experienced smokers.

The interior is lined with premium kiln-dried Spanish cedar, which not only looks great but also helps keep your cigars fresh for longer. In addition, the scratch-resistant felt lining ensures your humidor will look as good as new for years to come.

The humidor includes additional features such as a Spanish cedar divider, glass hygrometer, and porthole window. It’s an excellent choice for those who want to start their cigar collection with a stylish and reliable humidor.

What To Look For in a Humidor

After introducing what a humidor is and why you need one, it’s time to start looking at the features you should look for in a humidor.

Construction Material

The ideal humidor construction consists of an MDF core with an interior lining of Spanish cedar. Spanish cedar is the best type of wood to preserve humidity and should be at least 2 mm thick for the best results.

Cheaper humidors may be made with different woods, but they won’t provide the same level of protection as the Spanish cedar. Additionally, it’s important to look for a humidor that seals tightly. If air can escape or enter your humidor, it will affect the humidity level inside. Check the seal on any humidor you purchase before committing to it.

Humidity Control System

Humidity control systems are an essential element of a good humidor. Many come with built-in humidifiers, such as the DryMistat tube’s PG crystals which absorb distilled water and release moisture through tiny pores. Some humidors also have electronic humidity controls that connect to the humidifier.

Keeping the relative humidity levels between 68 and 72 percent is important to prevent mold, so checking your hygrometer regularly is essential to ensure you have the right humidity level in your humidor. The Spanish cedar inside a humidor also helps absorb extra moisture and humidity, maintaining an ideal balance. With these helpful features, you can be sure your cigars will stay fresh and flavorful for years.


A hygrometer is essential to any humidor, as it measures the humidity inside the box. It is important to check the humidity levels regularly to ensure that your cigars are stored properly.

Many humidors come with a built-in hygrometer, but you can purchase one separately if yours does not. When shopping for a hygrometer, find one that is accurate and easy to read. Additionally, some electronic humidification systems come with a digital hygrometer that displays the temperature and humidity levels inside the box.

A hygrometer helps keep your humidor in proper condition, ensuring that your cigars stay fresh and enjoyable for years to come.

Additional Features

When choosing a humidor, it’s important to look for additional features to make your experience more enjoyable. Look for features like dividers, trays, or drawers that can help you organize your cigars. Also, consider humidors with locking mechanisms for added security.

If you want to display your cigars, look for models with a clear lid so you can admire them. Another great feature to look for is an interior light so you can easily find the cigar you’re looking for in the dark. These additional features can make a big difference in the overall enjoyment of your cigar collection.


In conclusion, it is important to consider the type of humidor best suited for your needs. Whether you are looking for a basic starter humidor or something more advanced, various options are available. For the beginner, a humidor like the Prestige Import Group & Capri is an excellent choice.

For those looking to step up their game, the Case Elegance Renzo Glass Top Humidor is a great option. The Old Glory Humidor Supreme and Rockefeller Humidor with Lid Cigar Display are excellent choices for those who want more luxury. The Gangway Humidor Supreme is ideal for those wanting something with a bit more style and elegance.

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