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Maintaining a steady humidity level for your cigars is crucial if you smoke. This will keep each cigar’s flavor and aroma intact. Since cigars are so sensitive, they may begin to deteriorate if not nurtured in the right environment. Light, weather, or humidity may be to blame for this. 

humidor solution

One component is used in the majority of professional cigar humidors: propylene glycol. After your cigars have been rolled and wrapped, this humectant (moisture-attracting) agent aids in preserving their flavor.

It is commonly included as a humidifier lubricant, but it can also be discovered in items comparable to humidifiers, such as toothpaste, ice water solutions, and dehumidifiers.

Because it maintains the humidity at the right levels for the best flavor, propylene glycol for humidors is frequently employed in humidor storage tanks. Cheap chemical propylene glycol has a variety of industrial applications. 

The best humidor solutions

Xikar Pre-mixed Cigar Humidor Solution for Humidification – BEST PICK!

The Xikar humidification product maintains the desired relative humidity of cigar humidors at 70% using a pre-mixed propylene glycol humidor mixture. Add the desired quantity to the humidifier. A solution that will keep your humidor in excellent condition is propylene glycol. They should be used in conjunction with Xikar Crystal Humidifiers.

Reverse osmosis is used to create the Xikar propylene glycol solution, which yields fewer than 4ppm of contaminants. It is a long-lasting solution since the filtered water and PG it contains are made to break down simultaneously as the devices are refilled. Together, they can enable the absorption of up to 450 times the volume of the PG Solution when used with crystals. 

Humidor Solution (PG Solution) for Humidifiers by Essential Values – BEST BARGAIN

This humidor liquid will ensure that your collection of cigars is kept in top shape with the least amount of upkeep, scale accumulation, dust, or filth, bitterness from high humidity, and taste loss from dryness. 

The PG solution secures your collection without requiring you to combine distilled water and unidentified substances. The Propylene Glycol humidor is ready to use and secure compared to humidity control packs and powdered solutions for the rescue. The humidor liquid is also packaged in a flip-top bottle, making it convenient to use and work with all humidifiers.

The humidifier solution acts as a barrier and aids in preserving the RH level, which ensures the consistency of flavor, texture, and quality of your collection. You may acquire nearly a year’s worth of fresh humidor glycol in one purchase because each 16oz container can be used for many purposes. We advise using the PG solution on your humidor once every two to three months. 

Klaro Humidor Solution for Summer Months (Best for humid climate)

Propylene glycol and distilled water are combined to make the Klaro humidor solution. Because propylene glycol cannot evaporate after 70% relative humidity, the combination was specifically developed to ensure that your humidor is kept under control up to that point. 

This is the finest alternative if you want to use gel to humidify your cigars. Mold cannot grow in the gel of the humidifier because of propylene glycol. The blended humidor solution controls the humidity at 70%.

Lifestyle Basics Cigar Humidor Solution 16oz 

The premium propylene glycol combination keeps your cigars fresh and prevents drying out or molding by maintaining an ideal relative humidity level of 70% RH.

The cleanest components are used. Thus the solution will never clog humidifiers or produce buildup or scaling. It is prepared with pure distilled water and safe, non-toxic, odorless propylene glycol to guarantee that your cigar receives the right amount of humidification. 

Volenx Cigar Humidor Solution for Humidifier Humidification

The Volenx cigar solution consistently keeps the humidity at 70%. Almost all sorts of humidifiers for cigars can use this particular brand of humidor solution. It uses a propylene glycol solution to draw moisture from the environment.

When the relative humidity of the air around you hits 70%, the water that is being distilled evaporates. The PG solution will prevent the atmosphere from receiving more humidity when that occurs. The PG solution will absorb any surplus humidity in the air and raise the system’s humidity level to 70%.

Joe Cool Cigar Humidifier Solution

To guarantee that your cigarettes are only exposed to the right humidity and nothing else, Joe Cool cigar humidor solution is created with pure distilled water, odorless, non-toxic propylene glycol, and other safe ingredients. The humidifier solution is intended to be refilled into humidifiers regularly. 

99.9% of Propylene Glycol and triple-distilled water are combined with them. The formulation of this solution has been devised in such a way that it degrades concurrently with the distilled water. 

How to use a humidor solution

Before utilizing the wood, be sure to season it in a humidor. This is accomplished by soaking it in distillate water, allowing it to sit for a few days, then covering it with a lid and an ice cube of distillate water. 

Place an apron below the humidifier as it is placed on a table. Open the container of the activator, then pour some liquid into the humidifier. You don’t have to submerge your humidifier in water. After shaking out the extra liquid and cleaning it with an absorbent cloth, place the humidor back where it was.

Repeat this procedure if your cigars start to dry out or your hygrometer registers a high humidity level. 

You need to inspect your humidifier to determine when it needs refilled. You must refuel the humidifier if you discover that the humidity is low. Remember, change your foam every 6 to 12 months to keep it functional. 

Choosing the right cigar humidification system

A dependable humidification system is necessary for a humidor to operate effectively. There are now a growing variety of possibilities thanks to modern technologies. You can select a system that suits your environment, the amount of maintenance you want to handle, and the humidor itself. 

Traditional foam-based humidifiers

Conventional foam humidifiers use the super-absorbent florist’s syringe to help store and release water. If you prefer it and want to control moisture discharge better, you can fill them with propylene glycol and distilled water. Every two weeks, these humidifiers need to be refreshed. You’ll notice a spike in humidity once you’ve added water to it. Over a few weeks, the humidity will progressively decrease. 

Crystal gel humidifiers

Crystal gels are another efficient, low-maintenance option for humidification. Superabsorbent polymers, which can absorb 500 times their weight in water, are used to create crystal gels. The gel crystals only need to be steeped in distilled water because they have already been pre-treated with propylene glycol.

The crystal gel bottle should be filled with distilled water, the excess shaken out, and then put in your humidor. Cigar crystals need to be replenished with distilled water every two to four weeks or when the crystals get smaller and return to their original, non-humid size. Gel crystals can persist for one to two years in a container. As the propylene glycol evaporates and the crystals stop releasing humidity, replacement is required. 

Humidity pouches

Boveda packs have grown to be a very well-liked, low-maintenance humidification option. Because Boveda packs contain a salt and water solution that releases humidity through a semi-permeable membrane at specific predefined amounts, using them is essentially straightforward.

The most typical humidity ranges for keeping a cigar are 65%, 69%, 72%, and 75% RH. The Boveda system’s two-way design prevents the oversaturation of your cigars. A Boveda pack’s humidity has run out when it becomes stiff and needs to be replaced. How many cigars you’re humidifying and how many packs you use will determine how long Boveda packs last. 

Electronic humidifiers

The most active humidifiers on the market are undoubtedly electronic ones. They have a digital hygrometer that can periodically measure the humidity throughout the day. The fans begin to switch on and release the moisture if the humidity falls below the preset level. The fans will stop once the humidity reaches the appropriate level. 

Additionally, there are many different sizes and types of electronic humidifiers. Typically, the water reservoirs need to be refilled every month and changed every 6 to 9 months. 

Cigar humidifier beads

A two-way humidification system is present in cigar humidifier beads. They are made of sodium silicate in the form of silica gel, a synthetic material. Adsorption, as opposed to absorption, is the process by which moisture clings to the pores on the surface of silica beads. They have a 40-fold water absorption capacity. Because silica beads have been pre-treated with propylene glycol, similar to crystal gel, they will produce a consistent humidity level (60, 65%, or 70% RH).

To humidify your cigar humidifier beads, soak them in distilled water, pour the extra over the sink, and put the container in your humidor. Avoid using propylene glycol solution and only use distilled water with silica beads.

Silica beads can endure three to six years but typically need to be refreshed with distilled water every two to four weeks.

Cigar beads work better in humid environments. When the humidity is high, they are more successful at attracting moisture than when the humidity is low at releasing it. Cigar beads fry out and lose effectiveness in hotter, dryer environments and when exposed to air conditioning for an extended time. 

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